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gas is going up ... up ... up!


Of course, now, under FEARLESS LEADER (BHO) $4 gas is a good thing.

Gasoline Heading Toward $4 a Gallon is Good Thing!

No screaming! No protests! No video of enraged drivers!

Nothing to see ... let's move on.

Everything is cool!

Real unemployment is around 20%. We have TRILLION DOLLAR deficits as far as the eye can see. Social Security is bankrupt! Two-thirds of Americans are against government takeover of their healthcare but their representatives are telling them ... "TOUGH! You'll take it and smile!" The vast majority of the American media are propagandists for the government.

Your grandparents are facing massive cuts in the Medicare they paid all their lives for so that men and women under 27 can stay on Mommy's and Daddy's insurance ... your next door neighbors who might make a few dollars more than you are subsidized ... and other people who won't work can get it for free ... and the rest of us pay and stand in line for rationed care (except the politicians who have EXEMPTED themselves from participation and for their supporters who get special deals) ... and the elderly will be told it's their time to step aside because our medical resources can be better used on the young, healthy, and more "productive".

Iran is laughing at us as we "threaten" them with still more "last chance" warnings of "sanctions". Russia is negotiating with Venezuela to bring nuclear technology to Chavez (who lusts after nukes!". We're going to present a nuclear non-proliferation treaty to the Senate to be passed that will weaken our defenses, benefit Russia and others, and which Russia can opt out of if it doesn't like our missile defense systems.

We're insulting our allies in the U.K., Israel, Afghanistan, France and trying to cozy up to tin-horn dictators and countries that oppress their people and preach hate ... and their are actually people in this administration praising thugs like Chavez for their remarkable advances in democracy!

It's like we're living in Alice Through the Looking Glass! We actually have an administration with people from academia, the unions, and the left who are communist, socialist, and Marxist in ideology!

But if you use the word "radical", CNN brands you a "racist"!

Oh, and we've guaranteed our enemies we won't use nuclear weapons in retaliation, which gives them almost as much relief as guaranteeing them that, no matter what they do, if captured, will be given a lawyer, the best of comforts of home, and relocation to the island paradise of their choice should they accuse their interrogators of ever making eye contact with them or not addressing them with the respect they deserve.

But people who speak up from freedom, the Constitution, the rule of law, individualism, limited government, and the right to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness are branded as extremists, bigots, racists, and threats to "The State"!

That's your grandma, and grandpa, and mom and dad, and brothers and sisters, and friends and neighbors ... never in my life have I seen people elected to "represent" us talk about the American people in this way.

Oh ... and the government is GROWING bigger and bigger and bigger ... hundreds and hundreds of new federal departments and tens of thousands of federal employees to control us ... are you aware of that?

It is truly staggering.

As is the fact that all of this, and so much more, just goes right over the heads of a large number of people in this country who are, apparently, more concerned about getting their share of the freebies.

I mean, what are we now ... a nation of half "Pod-people"?

But fear not! There's good news on the horizon. The Obamas will be appearing on American Idol soon and P-BO's handlers have guaranteed that he'll be well-rehearsed in reciting the lifetime statistics of several White Sox (and Oakland) greats by the All Star game this summer!

How the media will marvel!

What a time to be alive! I never woulda thunk it!

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