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information is a bad thing?


Suddenly, technology, innovation, freedom to know and engage in the exchange of knowledge, not always a neat enterprise, are "bad" for the advancement of the "agenda".

"All of this (information) is ... putting new pressures on you ..."

Ignorance is bliss?

Don't sweat it! The "STATE" will tell you everything you need to know!

"Knowledge" is power!

Root out dissent! Alternative opinions! They're only making you "confusesd" and getting in the way of "progress"!

Don't believe me? Read up on what these people are doing and want to do.

This fits in so well, point-for-point, with what I have been writing about the left's attack on truth for years now ... and the "news" media's obsession with advancing the left's agenda and crushing the opposition with lies and smears.

It's part of the Alinsky strategy, the strategy of the left, the tool of the Statist.

The truth is, Obama isn't so much worried about the majority of people who don't actually keep up with information as much as he is about people who actually disseminate real

That's why Eric Holder wants to be able to read your emails, and why Cass Sunstein wants to control the internet. And that's why they were Obama hires.

Look, I've done this for a long time. Since college off and on. I know that most people aren't interested in what's beyond their own personal space, don't like politics, find it to difficult or boring to keep up with current events.

This is the strength of the radical, who uses the same techniques over and over, the same simplistic caricatures and demonization of his opponent, the same distortions of truth by any means necessary who must be burdened with trying to convince people through facts, reason, and logic.

Point this out and the left will response with the typical knee-jerk reaction, "Oh, yeah? That's what the right does!"

Oh, really?

I have written what ... hundreds of posts on current events and politics and, only extremely rarely have I ever had to qualify something or go back and retract something I asserted was true.

To anyone who has had the courage to disagree with my opinions in public (not counting the morons who write anonymous diatribes calling me horrible names and uttering the kind of language that can only come from a liberal potty mouth) I always invite them to prove what I've said was untrue ... excluding, of course, the hyperbole I tag as humor and satire which is obviously over-the-top sarcasm, etc. to make a point.

They never do, and the reactions of those who do engage me in person or on the web never change:

They attack your facts and sources, they try to change the subject and distract you, they stomp their feet, call you names and try to demonize you, and finally they run away and stick their heads in the sand.

It never fails ... they follow this course with one variation or another (some use them all at the same time ... usually the hardest of the hard core, the ones with the lowest self-esteem, the most likely to blame someone else for their problems, and generally the most dependent on a government check).

Meanwhile, we are literally facing the likelihood that America will never again be the beacon of freedom, individualism and innovation it has always been in flavor of a state controlled society.

How I wish we were back to a time when I could pen my poems, write my stories, enjoy the vehicle (often traveling a bumpy road) that is life, and close my eyes knowing I tried my best to be a good boy and do the right thing always.

Instead, we are in a fight for our lives against oppression from those who lust after power and control ... literally - and such is the history of the world.
Isn't it?

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