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And how is it possible that almost 50% of the people of this country do not see what is going on?

The President of the United States and his Democrat Congress have spent us into oblivion, creating trillions in debt for future generations, are in the process of destroying more and more jobs, the private sector and the hopes of future generations, and he stands up and blames the previous administration and a powerless minority for their failures.

The latest?

After destroying millions of jobs he blames Republicans for not extending unemployment benefits beyond 99 weeks!

What happened to "pay-as-you-go"?

There is no money!

To put the deficit into perspective, consider this:

In 12 years of Republican control of Congress, the TOTAL deficit was under $1.5 trillion.

In 3 1/2 years of Democrat control Obama and the Dems have tripled that!

And wait until ObamaCare becomes a reality!

The Democrats used every lie, dirty trick, bribe, and false promise they could think of to pass this monstrosity against the will of the American people and are now trying to change the subject and distract everyone before the midterm elections hoping to minimize their losses and hang onto the House and Senate.

Each week a new revelation emerges proving that what we, the opposition, maintained for over a year about ObamaCare.

Costs will rise, not get lower. Rationing will be necessary. You won't be able to keep your private insurance. Abortions WILL be funded by taxpayers.

And the latest ... as Obama just revealed yesterday despite, saying over and over last year that it wasn't so, is the fact that Obama's MANDATE that you MUST buy government-approved health insurance IS IN FACT a TAX!


Because they now realize that the mandate as originally envisioned is, just as we said, UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

When Obama speaks, you can literally break down his sentences and paragraphs to find one outright lie or misstatement or exaggeration after another. He makes Bill Clinton look like Honest Abe ... and that's going some.

I wonder if George Stephanopoulos who sat with Obama when he "absolutely rejected" the notion the health insurance mandate was a tax will dare bring it up again?


Obama tells Stephanopoulos Mandate is NOT a Tax - Sept. 2009

Of course the media prefer to disregard these facts, reporting instead bogus claims of Tea Partiers and conservatives as being RACIST despite absolutely no evidence to support their claims.

Then, bizarrely, they HIDE facts for a year and a half regarding actual racism and voter intimidation in the case of the New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia and the Eric Holder Justice Department's dismissal of the case.

Still more disturbing is are the levels the revered NAACP has sunk in their targeting of conservatives as Uncle Toms and recommending that the case against the SEIU union thugs who beat up one black conservative at a Tea Party rally be dismissed.

And the mainstream media, for the most part, just go along wih the template. Why? As a Washington Post writer, who castigated his own paper, recently observed, what they report or not report and how is based on biased political preferences.

It is truly an Alice in Wonderland world!

Actually a Saul Alinsky world!

After all ... what world do you think community organizers live in?

Do you see why there's a political tsunami forming? We the people have to be ready for the dirt, smears and intimidation from the left and their enablers in the media.

These people play dirty and it won't be pleasant, but a lot depends on what happens 106 days from now. An awful lot!


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(Deleted comment)
Jul. 20th, 2010 05:16 pm (UTC)
Yes, thanks for the links.

You are oh so right on the mark.

I'm sure you know of the quote attributed to Ben Franklin who, after the Constitutional Convention in 1787, when asked what kind of government the founding fathers had given us replied, 'A Republic, if you can keep it."

It is shocking that people do not understand why we are NOT a democracy.

The separation and balance of powers, the bicameral Congress, the federal system.

I used to warn people what it would be like if we had one-party "mob" rule and total disregard of the Constitution.

I don't have to warn them anymore.

Here it is.

We are in a virtual dictatorship.

If we don't start to reverse things in November, we may never do so.

But for now, I hope you are happy and busy and well and enjoying your new surroundings.

As always I appreciate reading your thoughtful and insightful observations.
Jul. 20th, 2010 10:29 pm (UTC)
Sorry about all the typos! I am so exhausted lately with all the moving around. Aside from being tired, I am happy and well. Thanks for asking! I love my new home and the cottage already has a few bites. I really feel for you and all the people on the Gulf coast.

I always liked that Ben Franklin quote. He also said this...

"He that lives upon hope will die fasting". ;)

Jul. 20th, 2010 10:51 pm (UTC)
I'm so tired I didn't see any typos. ;-)

Ben Franklin is a great source of wisdom and common sense. Here are a couple more:

Plow deep while sluggards sleep, and you shall have corn to sell and to keep.

Knowing is better than wondering, waking is better than sleeping, and even the biggest failure, even the worst, beat the hell out of never trying.

God bless! :-)
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