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what a revoltin’ development!



The Democrat Party has been in control of Congress for ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-SIX MONTHS!

Barack Obama is approaching TWO YEARS in office.

The media have engaged in a relentless crusade against conservatives and Republicans for over 10 years.
And what have they done?

POVERTY is at an all-time high.

Unemployment is at astronomical heights and would be higher had not so many people simply stopped looking.

The Obama deficit last year was more than all the presidents combined from Washington to Reagan.

After regulating private business and financial institutions into near or actual bankruptcy through central-control, mandates, and cronyism the STATE has grabbed car companies, banks, investment and mortgage companies, virtually the entire student-loan system, the health care system, etc.

One spending bill (Porkulus) has spent more money with fewer results (expanding government and greasing the palms of Democrat constituents) than all the money spent on the Iraq War.

Corruption at the highest levels of the Democrat Party is rampant.

The president who promised to bring a centrist inclusive approach to governance, who offered a post-racial presidency, who said lobbyists would be persona non grata, who said he’d refuse to sign bills containing earmarks or increased the deficit, who swore he’d be the most open fresh anti-establishment president ever has almost immediately done a 180 degree spin that is stunning in its magnitude.

Meanwhile, Democrats are running away from Obama as fast as possible, pretending that every crazy bill the voted for (and never read) doesn’t exist and resorting to the time-tested strategy of smear politics and assurances that they are actually conservative, moral, true-blue Americans looking out for the average citizen.

Meanwhile, the Republicans that have been acting like Democrats are in trouble and the liberal Republican establishment are showing their true colors in adopting Democrat methods in fighting the against the wishes of conservatives in places like Alaska, Delaware, Nevada, California, Colorado, and formerly Florida.

And why is that?

Because LIBERALS, from whatever party, are elitists and CAN’T STAND to be confronted by people with common sense, who echo the voice of the people, who expose the failure of leftist ideology and agendas … who threaten their power and influence.

It’s all very simple.

It’s the reason liberals so HATE and FEAR people like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Christine O’Donnell, Marco Rubio, and Joe Miller who stand for individualism, Constitutional principles, and limited government.

Maybe they can help reverse the course the left is taking where today, in America:

Women who baby-sit are being forced to join unions.

Where cities are putting chips into your recycling bins so the “Green Police” can track your recycling habits.

After all, it‘s only a matter of time when the STATE will know everything you buy and will want to know what happened to the aluminum cans from that case of government-approved soda you purchased.

The last GE light bulb manufacturer just closed. Are you hoarding incandescent light bulbs? It won’t be long before another Green Police-person is knocking on your door to check.

The police are demanding a list of all citizens with a breakdown of the prescriptions they are currently taking.

The STATE wants your doctor to give them personal medical information about you including weight and body mass.

The STATE is threatening insurance companies for informing their customers about premium rates going up because of government mandates.

You might be tracked by the STATE with GPS devices installed on your private car on your private property.

The STATE wants to appoint boards to monitor and control freedom of speech on radio and television, to track your e-mails and social networking habits.

The STATE is allowing illegal immigrants rights citizens don’t have and threatening and suing states that are trying to protect their citizens and enforce the law.

More and more and more outrages and assaults on our liberty and property are occurring and being proposed daily by elitist nosy busybodies who believe THEY are superior to us and need the STATE to control us according to their wishes to reinforce their beliefs that they are superior.

And all the while they PRETEND to be just like us to get into power.

And that’s why the have to call anyone who exposes them to be a knuckle-dragging, ignorant, racist bigot.

That’d why they have to single out strong, beautiful, intelligent, industrious WOMEN and attack them as being crazy, stupid, and even slutty!

They are afraid their whole house of cards might come tumbling down, that their little egos will be crushed, that there influence and power will be diminished … by we the people.

I can see November from my porch.

It’s looking good, but it is not a sure thing.

Look at the destruction that has already occurred since Obama has taken office. Despite all that the Democrats STILL want to do more ... that's how radical they are. The future for our children and grandchildren looks bleak, if not disastrous, for the left will never admit their failures but, instead, double up on their efforts.

They're afraid of the people who know what's happening, actually they have contempt for them, and they will do whatever necessary to retain and increase their power ... so it won't be easy.

But it may be our last chance to slow down and, eventually, control the madness.

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