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all the king’s horses …


Not even with a totally corrupt liberal news media that has moved Heaven and Earth to protect the Obama administration and the liberal/progressive left-wing and demonize 2/3 of the American people who have recoiled in horror at what 52.7% of the people subjected us too.

All the while attacking AMERICANS for believing in the rule of law, the Constitution, amd American exceptionalism. You see they really HATE this country as constituted and want to CHANGE it into THEIR vision of what we should be ... ignoring the wishes of the people, Constitution be damned.

CBS in Alaska was just busted in a voice-mail recording in which reporters conspired to smear the Republican candidate.

In Delaware, a local public broadcasting station FORGOT to air a 30 minute political program paid for by Christine O’Donnell … TWICE!

The POTUS is running around the country acting very un-presidential, more like the Chicago political hack and community organizer he was, flailing away before now half-empty rooms and getting HECKLED ... by young people in CONNECTICUT!

The media have spent two years painting solid, decent, hard-working Americans as racists, bigots, fringe extremists, Nazis and idiots, trying all they could to suggest violence and hate and unbridled irrational hatred while ignoring actual violence and vitriol from the left.

The have under-covered the thousands of totally peaceful rallies of conservatives and tried to exaggerate every questionable sign or comment (even though many have been shown to be democrat PLANTS), spread LIES about racist comments again and again without ONE SHRED OF PROOF) and yet, during the recent Jon Stewart rally sanitized their coverage by NOT showing all of the nasty signs and divisive language, instead slobbering all over the event as an example of civility and centrism.

Women conservatives have been mocked by politicians and pundits, called “whores”, “bitches”, “child haters”, and “mentally disturbed” and have endured such nastiness for over 3 years now when just ONE such incident aimed against a liberal would have brought protests, demonstrations, vandalism, and demands that the offender(s) be publicly humiliated and fired … if not imprisoned.

But the lefties are suddenly crying about tone and civility and order ... and pleading for “cooperation”.

Virtually every Democrat is running away from Obama and everything that the Democrat-controlled Congress did.

Oh, they’re all “conservatives” now, getting that election-year conversion they are famous for ... touting small government and fiscal restraint and the American Dream. Don’t believe them. Once in office they go back to their left-wing liberal/progressive habits.

They lust after POWER and will say and do whatever it takes ... by any means necessary.

Hey, got your attention? Are you listening to us now?

We don’t want your European-style socialism. Your cradle to grave nanny-state government. Your redistribution of misery Marxist schemes.

This is NOT a horrible country we have to apologize for to the thugs and pampered elites and their entitlement sheeple and the jealous America haters of the world.

We are NOT your servants! But the “master” is about to find out what the “servant” thinks of him ... and her.

Oh, the “true believers” will never give up, they'll be lumbering to the polls to pull the lever for the guy or gal with the "D" behind their names, but the people in the middle, who naively bought all that “hopey-change” post-racial, new tone tripe Obama was reading off the teleprompter, now understand what we were saying about Obama and the Dems was true.

But the media and the people in positions of power are paralyzed with fear. They are lashing out, even MAKING UP stories in a pathetic attempt to sway a few voters. They'll immediately begin attacking all those good people who get elected Tuesday as soon as they get their marching orders.

The template gets so old. If only the great UNWASHED (as Katie Couric refers to middle America) weren't so dumb they'd know how much Obama and the Dems have done for them. How those bad old conservatives want babies to die and young children to go hungry and old people to be thrown out in the streets.

*YAWN* These are not very smart people themselves, you know?

Obama had the NERVE to portray Republicans of doing nothing to fight AIDS overseas when he well knows George W Bush pushed for BILLIONS of dollars for the fight against AIDS in Africa.

The young, who were so inspired in 2008, some because of idealism, many because they thought they’d get lots of freebies, are disillusioned.

It was a FAD, one student was quoted as saying, and they’ve moved on to other things.

Read The True Believer by Eric Hoffer for a better understanding about how and why these mass movements always crumble under their own weight.

The grownups are going to have to take charge. And we’re not too happy about that because all we basically wanted was to be left alone … not for a bunch of RADICALS to tear apart our CONSTITUTION and transform this beautiful country into some crazy Utopian nightmare.

Tomorrow comes the kickback.

Gonna see a lot of faces with dead eyes behind them. Can’t wait to party with my family and friends tomorrow night.

And Wednesday … a new dawn.

More heavy lifting for a LONG time but it’ll be worth it. I do not want to have to say I did nothing when the people restored the country and continued the revolution started by our founding fathers against tyranny.

And I SURE don’t want to have to tell stories about what it was like to be free, and say I did nothing to prevent us from falling into tyranny.

See ya Tuesday ... November 2 ... All Souls Day in the Christian tradition ... or, as it is also called, the Day of the Dead.

What a metaphor for the Democrats and their insane, destructive, authoritarian agenda!

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