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It was fun watching those angry, sad, sullen, bitter faces on the likes of Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Bob Beckel, Brian Williams, Tom Brokow, but none more than an absolutely livid Chris Matthews of “When I hear Obama speak I get this thrill up my leg” fame.

Watch victorious Michele Bachmann’s great kickback when Matthews spits out an inane question to her last night and she doesn’t take the bait:

Chris “I get this thrill up my leg” Matthews Gets Slammed by “the Woman” Targeted by Pelosi for Destruction</i>

Hey, you don’t try to mess with a woman who bore five children and was foster parent to over 20!

They know all the little sassy smarty-mouth tricks children (of all ages) play and are not slow with the comeback.

They’ll never learn, will they?

In a trance 24/7.

Which is fine with me as long as they don’t drag us into their nightmare again.

Btw, have you heard Obama has a new book out? A travel guide? It's titled:

See India on Only $200 Million a Day

Get yours soon before they sell out. ;-)


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Nov. 5th, 2010 01:38 am (UTC)
Sooooo Matthews points out that she is incapable of thought and saying anything aside from reading off her place card and the idiot Matthews is somehow being "served". I think he pointed out how spaced out and void of able thought she actually is. Bachmann has yet to behave as anything but a vapid loon.

Funny thing is that I intensely dislike Matthews.

He picked his target well, even if his aim was low. She walked into the poorly place shots.

I ponder how this woman gets into office. Oh, that's right. Some people think of politics as entertainment. She is funny as all get out.
Nov. 8th, 2010 03:29 pm (UTC)
This comment comes from an Obama shill whose idol cannot speak to elementary school children without a TELEPROMPTER? *ROFLOL*

Who launches into 25 minute "answers" without answering the actual question? When he breaks down and actually HAS a press conference?

The MSNBC "coverage" of election night has been condemned even by people in the media. The vile Keith Olbermann has been exposed (big surprise) for his conflicts of interest in secretly contributing to people he "interviews" and whose causes he promotes.

While making up stories about "secret contributions" to conservatives!

As if NBC is politically neutral, but even they are embarrassed at the high schoolish snark that passes from their cast of characters on MSNBC.

In the past, you have defended liberals who avoid answering simple questions.

Here on election night, the spittle-spewing Matthews immediately spits out a stupid question to start attacking the winners. Bachmann refuses to take the bait and responds with what she WILL do.

When libs like Matthews start asking the people that give them "tingles" similar questions, I'll defend them.

Like, "Pres. Obama, the people have overwhelmingly rejected your left-wing agenda. When are you going to wake up and admit you lied about being a centrist capitalist to the American people."

Bachmann won DESPITE being targeted by Pelosi with a smear campaign in which Democrats, unions, community organizers and the likes of George Soros pumped millions into the campaign to discredit her.

Much of that money came from taxpayers, btw.

She was re-elected because even in the liberal state of Minnesota, most people can see how destructive going to far left will get you.

The question is, Mike, How stupid are the 43% of minnesotans who elected AL FRANKEN to the senate?

And how corrupt is the voting process there where bags of votes, overwhelmingly FOR Franken, are found in back seats and trunks of cars, where rules in one precinct nullify conservative votes but in other precincts the rules don't apply to liberal votes.

It worked again ... to get the hated Harry reid re-elected with his army of SEIU and OFA goons.

Barney Frank, Hank Johnson, Jerry Brown, Barbara "Call me Senator, General) Boxer, the corrupt Harry Reid ... and others don't bother you, but a smart, patriotic conservative woman does.

I know Mike ... it's hard to accept that the overwhelming majority of America has rejected your ideology, but have courage.

Your left-wing media are working overtime to convince us that we didn't vote for what we thought we were voting, that we should all just play along and let the LOSERS have their way because they are so SMART and know better than We the People.

Good luck with that! They are just showing their true stripes more and more, and making us even more determined.

On to 2012 ... you know, 27 Democrat Senators are up for reelection! Only 10 Republicans. ;-)

Edited at 2010-11-08 03:40 pm (UTC)
Nov. 8th, 2010 08:03 pm (UTC)
Always good for a laugh
Wow - really bring in loose ends here aren't we...

OK - Olberman was aware of the rules. He broke them and he got fired. His problem. I was not aware of that rule, but it makes sense.

The blathering talking smog pots on the right have nothing on him. they do the same regularly. Oh wait - that's right... most of them can because they only PRETEND to be news people while attempting to push off their noise as real news.

The left apparently can enforce its own rules.

Funny thing is that I have repeatedly said that Matthews gives me the creeps. He's a loon; but he sure made Bachmann look silly - not that it's hard to do. I have a LIBRARY of Bachmann gaffs. She is a walking idiot box of wonderful sound bites. She was elected to keep us all entertained.

I've actually followed some of Franken's campaign and career since he has been in. He could could easily WALK (not even having to run) political circles around that useless cartoon.

and so if I am hearing you correctly you seem to think that the only way a non Republican can win (when the voters are overwhelmingly registered Democrat) is that they rig all the elections. Really? And you think the right would never do such a thing. Really? And every single Democrat is corrupt - and no Republicans are? Really? And you say I am wearing blinders? Maybe, but you must be wearing welders goggles if that's the case.

As for the ONCE AGAIN failed attempt to associate me with all your demons and bogymen (and women); I don't know why you try so hard. Even when I go on about how much I am disgusted with the DNC and most all of their members you still seem to think I am in love with them. I'm not.

AS for the voters... No; I don't agree with your interpretation. I do know that there was and is and remains an anti incumbent air in the voting booths. In two years it will roll in a different direction. It always does.. that is, until the right finds a way to ban the DNC - I'm sure they're working on it. The only thing that voters have shown is that over two elections they are just not sure WHO they want to blame. They actually got it right BOTH TIMES - blame the RNC AND THE DNC because they are all a bunch of self preserving and self serving power mongers with no interest in anything but the maintenance of their own power base.

You know, in Many of the races I was watching the races were close. REAL close. SO close in many cases that the difference was the whim of a small group of independent voters that tend to get a knee jerk reaction to the pains of the day. in 2 years we get to see which group of sanctioned criminals they want to steal our money. Till then I am perfectly content to see these new Congressional Republicans roll another car into the ditch.

I never cease to be amazed by the narrow minded and regressive thinking onthe right. It is such great entertainment.
Nov. 10th, 2010 04:02 pm (UTC)
Re: Always good for a laugh
He wasn't fired. He was suspended indefinitly (2 days).

What newsmen blather on the right? I'm assuming you mean Limbaugh, Hannity, etc? They are not NEWSMEN.

NBC and MSNBC PRETEND they are news organizations. ALL their reporters and anchors blather in their opinion.

That's why they have rules about contributing.

Fact is, over 90% of all media contributions are to the Democrats ... and it shows as more and more people turn them off because of their liberal slant.

The left enforces their rules when they want to get rid of a nuisance that embarrasses them.

I have an encyclopedia of gaffes from the left but the funny thing is the left-wing media hide them ... everyone makes gaffes but if you are a Dan Quayle, they are played over and over. If you are a Barack "57 States, I see dead people," Obama, Or Joe "FDR went on TV in 1929" Biden", no one knows.

The left even INVENTS gaffes that aren't, like in Christine O'Donnell's CORRECT statement that the words "Separation of Church and State are NOT in the Constitution.

Al Franken? Glad you appreciate him. That figures. Funny no one in the media continuously brought up HIS past behavior, statements, video clips when he ran for office in 2008. The media LOVE to decide whom the will destroy ... and sometimes are successful.

Bill Clinton tries to get yet another Democrat out of the race in Florida, a BLACK candidate, but that's only a minor nuisance because the media are suddenly in love with the loathsome Charlie "I'm a cinservative - I'm a Liberal - No, I'm a Conservative" Crist while attacking the obviously better choice in Marco Rubio who is *HORRORS* hispanic AND conservative -

Another straw man argument? I believe the only way a Democrat can win?

Right! I know there are enough "give me my freebies" out there to elect plenty of Democrats. There were enough dumb colege students and hiuspanics in california to re-elect Boxer and elect Gov. Moonbeam.

But the fact is, Democrat thuggery at the polls is off the charts. You forget I come from the New Orleans area where ACORN, SEIU, etc. helped write the book.

I never associated you with Dems particularly, Mike, but with the progressive/liberal LEFT that has all but destroyed the Democrat Party.

The only way you lefties can ever sneak into power is by hiding your true ID and agenda.

The American people (except for the true believers and their little army of drones and "gimmies") have seen the horror of what you can do when you actually have power ... and they repudiated you in HISTORIC numbers.

I'll tell you what, Mike. When you insurance premiums skyrocket because of ObamaCare, when your taxes skyrocket because of liberal agendas, when leftists continue tormenting you with more and more interference into your private life ... cheer the progressive left for doing what needs to be done for your own good.

But oh, that's right, the bigots and knuckle-draggers you demonize so much are fighting to restore fiscal sanity and to get the government out of our lkives as much as possible so you and your kids MIGHT have a fighting chance.

If Obama doesn't collapse the economy, the political and social system ... if, as another MSNBC "reporter", the left doesn't resort to riots and violence to get their way.

Amazing how the MSM hasn't picked that up, huh Mike? Dylan Ratigan suggesting VIOLENT revolution to fight against "We the People"?

But they're hellbent on attacking the winners of the elections last week and creating as much confusion and as much hatred toward the people they oppose to try to salvage as muchof their left-wing agenda as they can ... so you'll have to forgive them for not covering the actual news anymore.

Shills ... all of them ... from Katie, Brian, and Diane to George, Bob, Christiane ... and on and on and on ...

True believers all ... to whom facts are always a nuisance to be obfuscated or, better yet, ignored.

To them the elections don't matter.

I can't wait until 2012! ;-)

Edited at 2010-11-10 04:10 pm (UTC)
Nov. 11th, 2010 01:52 am (UTC)
Re: too easy
What Newsmen? I actually covered your point that they are not “Newsmen” (and people wonder why I feel I have to repeat so much). What they are is circus sideshow acts PRETNEDING to be (f)actual newsmen. When they go on and on about the “truth” even when it is patently demonstrated that they are peddling (often blatant lies and ) opinions; but then they glibly come out and say things like - oh but I 'm not a Reporter . . . really? I've heard one of these famous airbags say both that he is and is not a reporter in less than a few moments of broadcast time. What frauds. And, for the record, Fox NEWS is a NEWS organization - being such, even the programs they air that are not technically news would seem to most people to fall under the umbrella of a news broadcast due to (I don't know, ah...) the NAME of the broadcaster – not to mention the format of the shows that attempt to portray what even one of their own described as a carnival mentality. Charlatans. Fox, as an organization, goes out of its way to promote candidates and agendas on the right with NO regard for fair or honest discussion on the left. And you claim them unbiased. There will be no middle ground on that. They are frauds - nothing but propaganda Tools. Where is this self policing? Where is the integrity, intelligence, honesty, etc.? In Fox news I have yet, in all the times I have watched them, I have YET to see it. Even minor completely unpolitical events must be turned into great political scandal and support some hidden agenda. Nothing but fear hate and loathing.

You know what I DON'T hear a lot of on the left right now...

Whining and complaining about the losses in the election. Cries of unfairness and calls to the courts.

Nov. 11th, 2010 01:54 am (UTC)
Re: even easier
O'Donnel? Really? You want to discuss that little horror story? Why do these conservatives tie their favor on such disastrous candidates? I WANTED her to win - I needed the laugh!

I guess if your goal is to destroy government, she is the PERFECT candidate. A self fulfilling prophet of failure and incompetency.

I heard rumor that she hired the moosehunter's coaching team. I don't know if it's true, but WOW if it is that is so telling.

I think you and the rest of the conservatives missed the message. I know what she said. I watched her say it. It has less to do with what she stated (accurate as the individual words might have been). It was the complete disdain for the generally accepted and overwhelming public sentiment for the standing interpretation of what is now considered a cornerstone of the values of this nation that you and your minions seem to profess such faith in as long as it supports your goals. I notice that the faith in this system fails completely when it is convenient in support of some great conservative issue.
Nov. 11th, 2010 01:56 am (UTC)
Crist is GONE - so there is a bit of hope Oh Crap it had to be Scott.
Neat how the Right thought of Crist as their golden boy, and even neater how quickly they threw him under the bus. I disliked him intensely. A very dishonest operator. You should read up on his record as a conservative. Almost destroyed some of the great things about this state. Glad he is out of the picture for now. That guy, Scott, he's a real bit of work - a perfect poster child for the left to be proud of and the left to make fun of. Read up - I'm sure you would enjoy his conservative past and agenda.
Nov. 11th, 2010 02:07 am (UTC)
Hopeless Conservatism
Over the past few decades I have seen Republicans spend boatloads of money on their own little pet projects. Ah - but it's never pork when it is your own project – right?

I have personally watched them protect corporate interests - Florida is well known for this shell game. I have seen them push agendas that have lined the pockets of the rich and created one of the largest gaps in wealth and income that the world has seen since well ever – and no I do not think it is all earned money; especially when I have seen it in action and when it has had a direct impact on my family as it has.

How can you talk about the “knuckle-draggers” (your term not mine) you support when they all voted in lock step over the years to support all sorts of spending from Ronnie, and George and Junior... (and do we need to go back to the pre-Gippur days scandals of the so called conservative RNC? ) and who only flip to this hyper conservative tightfisted ultra religious collection of rabid naysayers when it is politically opportunistic to do so?

I am prone to beating up on both sides. My biggest complaint and most common complaint is that the left seems quite good at poking fun at itself, and at least – eh – ok at attempting to policing itself - but not so much to keep itself from losing any real share of power. The Right? Oh lord, be real. I have yet to see any joke made about a person on the right that is acceptable to the right. When was the last time any member of the RNC was brought under investigation by a conservative Congress or committee? We just saw a Democratic Congress open investigations on members of BOTH parties - and far more of their own. Are the Republicans just so darn honest? Bull. I have yet to see a single member of the conservative POV ever actually state anything negative about one of their own even when the proof is brought to light and even when convictions are made. It is all just a witch hunt and a conservative is never guilty.

Even when they can say how much they dislike Junior (for example) for being too liberal; they won't, for one second, stand for any one on the left pointing out a single flaw - even if they have already pointed it out themselves. Even better . . . even when a liberal person says something conciliatory, or agrees with some conservative agenda - they are lambasted for doing it in poor faith or because it is for the wrong reasons. I have lost nearly all respect for the conservative agenda.

And still I do not play for either team.
Dec. 7th, 2010 05:43 pm (UTC)
Re: Hopeless Conservatism
1. No one ever said pork is not pork based on who appropriates it. IN FACT, some pork is necessary ... as in when a project is desperately needed and the only way to get it is to hold up your vote on a bill to get everyone's attention. The problem is spending money to reward constituents for their support and contributions (on the taxpayers' dime) or on stupid projects. Pork is a tiny fraction of overall spending but it has been corrupted and, were it not a feature of government, most of these pig farmers would be in jail.

2. Oh, the old class welfare argument? Repubs help the "corporations" (def: PEOPLE) and the Dems are for the "poor". Meanwhile, Dems get more support from these corporations than Dems, we just learned that TRILLIONS were loaned to international banks and corporations (Including Goldman Sachs, GE and GM) WITHOUT anyone knowing about it, and the Obama administration has increased its power and control over larger and larger sections of the economy picking the winners and choosers with their CRONY CAPITALISM (a form of fascism).

3. Lock-step? Sorry, mike. THAT is what the left does. Presidents do not write budgets. Congress does. In fact, the Dems LIED to Reagan, et al by saying they'd CUT the rate of spending for the tax cutes but instead they INCREASED it. Remember Reagan had a Democratically-controlled Congress and a media that thwarted him at every turn. They did the same to the first Bush (read my lips) when he relented and gave them their tax increase, RENEGED on the spending cuts, then used his words (and Perot) to get Clinton elected with 43% of the vote! NO! conservatives were NOT in lock-step with spending and THAT'S why (as I've told you again and again) they booted out Repubs in 2006 and 2008 ... FOR ACTING LIKE DEMOCRATS.

And "KNUCKLE DRAGGERS" is not "my term" it is what the left uses to mock people who disagree with them.

3. The mirthless left pokes fun at itself? That is the funniest thing I have heard from you yet!

4. Investigations? Come on. I reported on all this stuff on Rangel and Waters TWO and a HALF years ago ... not to mention others like Dodd and Frank, etc. Rangel gets a wet slap on the wrist, a standing ovation from the House Democrats, and hardly any mention in the media except for sympathetic stories. Had YOU done 1/2 of what he did you'd be in jail! But he STAYS in Congress. The corruption on the left side of the aisle is rampant, both in Congress and the WH ... but you are barely aware because 1) the media ignore most of it and 2) when they HAVE to report it they forget to attach a "D" next to their names when actually identifying them.

5. You have nerve saying what people will or won't say about GWB since you don't actually follow news from all sources. WHY DO YOU THINK BUSH HAD SUCH A LOW APPROVAL RATE AT THE END OF HIS TERM? He WAS criticized for pushing "amnesty", global warming initiatives, not vetoing spending, etc.

You see, the right holds their leaders to account. Unlike the left who might squawk when someone is not Marxist enough but pull the lever for the "D" when push comes to shove.

BTW, Bush, as I predicted, is looking better and better in hindsight. His approval ratings are now HIGHER than Obama. Funny how quickly things can change when radical community organizers who have never actually done anything except rail against America and read from teleprompters get control of the country.

Isn't it? *LOL*

P.S. You don't even know what conservatism is, Mike?I'll give you a hint. The founding fathers wre conservatives. They had to be. They were escaping the kind of growing tyranny were're now facing every day, and created a system of checks and balances to prevent that from happening here.

Unfortunately, YOU'RE SIDE hates that and think you're so much smarter than Jefferson, Madison, Adams, etc.

And we see day after day now what that is bringing about. Don't we? ;-)
Nov. 8th, 2010 07:38 pm (UTC)
miss association once again
My idol? Who's that? I have never seen the likes of Bill Maher, or John Stewart - or even Raul Julia for that matter, answer political questions with grade school students. Of course, I have to say that if you mean the elected POTUS - it is nice to have one that can speak in proper English. It's nice to hear complete sentences and contiguous thoughts on a regular basis. He is FAR FAR better at the whole speaking thing than the list shrub.
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