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I haven’t written any song parodies in a while due to circumstances beyond my control (we all have our ups and downs but must keep trying to move forward) but here’s at least one parody (I may do another) on the current invasive/demeaning/disturbing policies pu in place by the current administration:

Here are the lyrics (based on the 1975 Pink Floyd song of the same title):

Welcome to the Machine

Greetings my child, welcome to the machine
Don’t fight lad, just show me you’re clean
You’re wanting to fly kid? Better comply
Hand over your toys, we’re scouting the boys
Your bad attitude is selfish and rude
Just surrender your rights, if you want to get on this flight
Son, welcome to the machine

Welcome sister, submit to the machine
It’s all a scream
Just bow before the team
Our touch won’t leave a scar
If you play you’ll go far
So do you want to join the war?
I’d love to send you to Darfur
Sis, welcome to the machine.

If you’d like to play the original song to compare or refresh your memories:

Watch, Read, Listen, and Learn

Odd isn’t it?

We live in a country where there was a constant drumbeat against “spying on Americans” from 2001 to 2008 which only involved intercepting phone calls from suspected terrorists overseas.

Liberals were OUTRAGED at this “infringement” on privacy.

Over the last two years there has likewise been outrage over states trying to protect their citizens from illegal aliens, indeed, the federal government has chosen to take them to court to prevent them from doing so.

The left is outraged that some think that people who show up to vote should be required to show ID to prove who they are.

It is likewise outrageous (to them) to ask for identification for people suspected of breaking the law if they might be illegal aliens, and if they are determined to be here illegally, to hold them in custody.

It is outrageous (to them) that terrorists should be called who they are, that illegal combatants should be tried in military tribunals, that private citizens should express an opinion, or feeling, or even state a fact that they do not agree with.

But when it comes to harassing law-abiding Americans, the elderly, young children, subjecting the innocent to humiliating groping of private parts, all in the name of “political correctness” and so-called security, their stance is, “Stop your whining, bend over and take it. It's good for you. We are so much smarter than you and we say so.”

Quote the Constitution and you are treated as some subversive extremist. Declare your love of country, its traditions and history and you are branded a racist and bigot.

Go to the polls and vote your conscience and you are mocked and even threatened ... and it is very likely an activist liberal judge will declare your vote null and void.

The FLOTUS just today declared it's all right for us to have PIE for our Thanksgiving dinner!

We live in quite amazing and, to a great degree, disturbing times. I mean did you ever imagine that the authoritarian ideas and concepts of 1984 and Brave New World would become almost “mainstream” and actually be embraced by an ever-increasing percentage of people on the left?

People who want to control each and every aspect of our lives? The offspring of the very people who railed against "The Man" are now "THE MAN!"

Welcome to the machine!

P.S. For more of my nearly 50 song parodies go here:



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Nov. 25th, 2010 03:42 am (UTC)
I was just reading about some of this stuff today; it makes me a bit nervous - I'm flying next month!! :P
Dec. 7th, 2010 05:54 pm (UTC)
Yule find out
Oh, Marlene. Don't sweat it. I'd just go through the scan and hope for the best.

Unless I could pick a nice, female, blond Nordic type named "Inga" to pat me down, which is what you'd probably get (unless you have the option of picking an "opposite sex" patter-downer).

On second thought, I've seens pics and I don't think that's very likely. Yours would pprobably look more like Janet Napolitano (no offense to "Big Sis" but we're not all 10s).

But how exciting! Take lots of pics and do jot down all of your adventures to recount later.

And I'll be looking for those TSA scans on-line. :-)
Dec. 8th, 2010 03:35 am (UTC)
Re: Yule find out
Thanks for the advice!! I was wondering about the scan; I didn't want to set off any radiation counters or anything afterward. :P

LOL! A good-looking Asian lad wouldn't go amiss in the pat-down department! XD I wouldn't mind an Inga, either, tho' she prob'ly wouldn't look like one of those chicks on the Swedish Bikini Team. XD Hey, I'd be happy with Swiss Miss. ^_^ My luck, I'd get one more like those lady wrestlers we used to see on tv, the ones that were the female version of the WWF/WWE. XD

Or Janet Napolitano. XD

Yes, I'm feeling very lucky & excited! 2 weeks to go!

Thanks! Yep, I'll definitely be taking pics, & recounting my adventures in nauseating amounts of detail. XD

LOL, let me know if you find my scan! XD I'll be sure & write all about it in my report. XD
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