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Two weinergates … one a Democrat Congressman sending saucy tweets and pics to college girls and the other our clueless president chomping down on chili dogs and fries at the same time his better half is doubling down on telling us what to eat and feed our children.

One word for both of you: QUIT!

Former “Two Americas” presidential candidate John Edwards, who had an affair and fathered a child with a videographer while his wife was dying of cancer … and NOW claims he was too dumb to understand campaign laws to know his $1,000,000 payoff/coverup with campaign funds was illegal.

The head of the IMF, a SOCIALIST fond of spending other people’s money on $1,000 a night hotel rooms is arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a maid. Oh, did you see how these people want to tax us for living so they can redistribute the money to their pals (and pay for those luxury hotels and limos for themselves no doubt).

Obama throws Israel under the bus, then frowns and pouts while he is read the Riot Act by Benjamin Netanyahu in the White House, then runs off to Europe before "Bibi" speaks to Congress where he drinks $1,700 wine, forgets the year is 2011 not 2008, fumbles his toast to the Queen and steps on "God Saves the Queen" and contuues his never-ending toast (bad form)… and on and on and on … and the MEDIA blame the Queen, the orchestra, Obama's staff ... everyone but Obama.

Days not weeks is now extending into MONTHS in Libya. Meanwhile Syria is killing protesters and barely a word from NATO, the UN, or the president ... and the fears that radical Islamists are taking advantage of the "democracy" movement across the Middle East and that "freedom" really is just a word for nothing else to lose, that Israel is in the crosshairs of these radicals, that this asministration has a nasty habit of lining up with the bad guys and dissing our friends are all proving to be true.

The deficit is exploding, gas prices are skyrocketing, food prices are out of control, housing values are sinking, unemployment is still increasing and all the Democrats can say is we need to spend more money we don't have.

Pretty tempting words if you are a career government worker with cushy pensions and cadillac health-care virtually ALL subsidized by the American taxpayer.

What? Make them actually contribute to their own retirement? They'd rather burn dowm Madison first.

It's gotten so bad even a liberal shill like Bob Schieffer had to ask Nancy Pelosi about her statements concerning $3 gas and 4.7% unemployment under Bush!

Talk about your incoherent babbling on national TV!

And this was the person who orchestrated $5 TRILLION in debt spending during her term as Speaker of the House!

It’s becoming more and more obvious to everyone that people like me were on target from the start … we have the most radical leftist ideologue to come down the pike as our president for another 17 months and for some reason the mainstream media CONTINUE to circle the wagons around him and attack anyone who mentions his record as stupid, racist, and filled with hate.

Oh, and Sarah Palin is driving the media and the Democrat Party NUTS! To top it off, she was raked over the coals for a historical comment about Paul Revere (supposedly wrong) and, once again, SHE was right and the LEFT was wrong.

It’s too bad such a large percentage of the American people are stuck with their heads in the clouds since the media will not report the real news … if they did Obama’s approval ratings would be in the thirties!

Those people (who would follow their Pied Piper off the cliff no matter what he does) are gone, lost, so that’s not the issue, but come on … to the rest of us who aren’t dependent on taxpayer dollars and nanny government Socialism. who can actually THINK … it's a matter of opening your eyes.

And if you are surrounded by liberals and afraid to admit the truth remember … when your mind actually opens to truth wonderful things happen.

As for me, I'm happy as a tick ... as always.

I'm back into my jogging and, after flirting with 4 miles a day, settled back to 2 miles when the temps hit the 90s but am back to 3 1/2 miles and follow that with 10 short sprints from 25 to 45 yards.

Got to keep moving, you know?


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Jun. 8th, 2011 02:50 am (UTC)
I don't mean to go all low brow, but we have a BONANZA of set up lines that have been keeping our Left Wing Comedy Pundits busy... we are crying tears of laughter!

boehner and weiner jokes?! IT couldn't get better unless we had a Supreme Court Justice with a name that made a good fart joke!

Well we do have Santorum, but that's pretty cheap and a little low - but still very sickly funny.

No, heck no, it's been a fun week.

Too bad I have been taking a break from the news. I need to catch up. Been feeling out of touch. Truth is I wasn't feeling it. Reading too much Cormac McCarthy - Not a happy writer. I need something funny to read.
Jun. 9th, 2011 05:51 pm (UTC)

Oh, that's right. You don't follow the news except for that elitist, racist, terrorist loving, Soros-funded, all-white NPR and guys like Jon Stewart.

Everything the guy you voted for and his corrupt party have touched has gone to Hell and you are saving some jokes for later?

What, you gonna trash Palin's kids again or maybe her parents?

The media hate her so much, think she's so dumb but they're following her all over the country like a bunch of sick puppies.

You think it's funny a U.S. Congressman sends dirty pics of himself to strangers and lies about it and is defended by other liberals who try to destroy the messenger?

Mike, like I've said, all this is proof that you guys have no real standards or issue preferences, that all your criticisms are so much hot air, that it's all about fooling people enough to WIN, advance your agenda, and defeat the people you hate.

It must be so deflating to have to realize someone like me has been so absolutely right and you so crushingly wrong about everything that has happened over the last 3 years.

I feel your pain.

Enjoy your little snark sessions with your like-minded peers and heroes.

But Don't, DON'T pay attention to the real news. And how Obama and his fellow leftists are so bewildered s to why their leftist policies aren't working. Poor guy! It can't be HIS fault. It must be US!

Don't dare actually think about what you've done, and what the ramifications are for your "transforming America" into your big-gocernment, centrally planned, Socialist/Markist/Fascist CXrony-Capitalist Utopian dream.

And a government run by bureaucrats, unions, academics, radicals, and perverts like Anthony Weiner who actually have the power to torment us, regulate us, order us about, tell us how to livem and make us pay for the privilege of watching them shred our Constitution and founding documents.

It'll drive you to drink. ;-)

Pretty funny, huh?

Jun. 10th, 2011 01:41 am (UTC)
Because it's so darn funny.

You are wrong about "liberals" not being able to make fun of their own... they do it constantly; but lord forbid poking a job at such a comical figure as Dame Palin, our EXTREMELY well read maven of history - and even on the notes when she does get it right (even when by accident) she still comes off like a blathering nut job. PLEASE get her past the primary. She's such easy fodder.

Distractions are all around, and all the so called "right" can do is go on an on and on about some dope that did something that has been done by an astonishingly large portion of the adult population has also done - it is stupid, it is lame, it is pretty common. Who really cares. It is a distraction. When a Republican is caught tapping or feeling up an intern, we are attacking them and we are making it up and blowing things our of proportion. When a Democrat does something far more benign it is a call for a political lynch mob. ...and the liberals still beat up on their own... and are FAR better at calling out their own then the so called "right"

Yes - funny days. I don't party. I have my own team. I have no such pains. Laughter is the best medicine after all.

Jun. 10th, 2011 01:42 am (UTC)
When did I do that...?
You asked if I was going to trash Palin's kids again. When have I EVER? Transposing again on me again... Your facts are off again.
Jun. 10th, 2011 01:44 am (UTC)
The messenger?

The guy that has already been exposed as a liar and a... how shall we say... "creative editor"

He's a fraud.

How droll.
Jun. 10th, 2011 01:50 am (UTC)
Really? When ? Far as I can tell... not at all.

In my humble opinion you are only "right" in your distortions and you own view of the world.

You have the right you your own version of reality. I have seen little to support it, but enjoy it and be happy anyway.

I am quite happy with mine. I'm the one laughing... with you mind you... but still laughing.

Ed, I could really care less about the parties. YOU are the one with the fixation. Not me.

Weinner did something STUPID; but so do a lot of people. It is laughable.

I don't need you or Faux news to tell me about the inaccuracies of "right" wing propaganda. I have enough people around me letting me know. I enjoy it. I have not even begun to open up on people, mostly because I am too kind to do so. People offend so easily and I am not generally one to deliberately do the same. I respond in kind.
Jun. 10th, 2011 01:57 am (UTC)

'"transforming America" into your big-gocernment, centrally planned, Socialist/Markist/Fascist CXrony-Capitalist Utopian dream.'

That is just hilarious. I have to go pee before I wet my pants. I should take my phone in case I feel inspired to send a message off to some college chick I don't know with a pic of my thingie... That should make her laugh...

Really Ed? I think you have forgotten a great bit of history of what happens when the US ( and others) have followed your corporatist dreamscape into hell. It has happened before and we already know how it ends.

I do not know any one on the left aside from the more crazy members of the ACTUAL socialist party that support anything of the flavor you suggest and they are a tiny tiny fringe element.

The far right has created a bizzaro fantasy world where mindlessly whipping out what they perceive as insulting terms with little to no support makes for factual statements. I hope it as much fun to write as it is to read. I am loving it.
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