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And as the left spasms and sputters in their fury at what their policies have wrought, as they blame US for their destructive ideology, as they call US the enemy, as they say WE are at war with the middle class, that WE are destroying the economy, that we are haters, and racists, and bigots, and extremists, and terrorists, and hostage takers, as they say we want black people to hang from trees, tell US to GO TO HELL, that we are sonafabitches, barbarians a the gate and that their armies are going to war against us and will take us out … President Obama is preparing yet another speech *YAWN* to deflect from everything HE has done, to pass the blame around to everyone else but his administration, and to TRY to convince VOTERS that everyone else is out of control, partisan, hard-headed ideologues and only by doing what HE says can this country reverse course … which is MORE deficit spending and growth of government.

He’s a one trick pony and slow learner to boot.

There is one thing we can do to reverse course.

Get rid of this guy, his socialist-democrat party, and as much of the massive, regulating, job-killing, freedom-crushing bureaucracy he has installed through the massive growth of government.

The government cannot create jobs; it can only TAKE from the private sector, grow ITSELF, and distribute the rest of the money to its constituents and cronies.

And we have seen where that takes you as everything this administration and Democrat Congress has touched has turned to crap.

The people are catching on as more and more of their property, lives, liberty and futures are being controlled by The State.

And the left are scared to death that they have been figured out … that they are rigid, out-of-step, inept, controlling, even tyrannical and that “we the people” will not suffer being brought to our knees, that America’s greatness will not be sacrificed on the altar of liberalism.

I WON’T be watch Obama tomorrow. I know what he is, what he will say, what he wants to do … and this massive chip on his shoulder against the greatness of America and its people is hard to stomach.

In fact, I made a list of 10 things you might want to do instead of watching President Obama between (his) vacation trips.

TOP TEN Things To Do Instead of Listening to Obama’s Campaign Speech

10. Have that root canal you’ve been putting off.
09. Visit your mother in law.
08. Treat the kids (and yourself) to some beef liver and Brussel sprouts.
07. Pre-order Madonna’s new movie on netflix.
06. Listen to some Rap and get down.
05. Take a cold shower.
04. Go on a leisurely bike ride in the hood.
03. Scratch a window screen with your fingernails.
02. Start doing your tax return … you do pay taxes, right?
01. Clean your bathroom.

Or … you could watch some football. I think the last 2 Superbowl champions are facing off.

And, by all means … READ The Constitution!

You might be surprised at what’s in there.

FLASH! - Remember my post about the Gibson Guitar Company being raided by the Feds?

Gibson's chairman and chief executive, Henry Juszkiewicz, will attend Obama's campaign speech before Congress.

I wonder if any of the networks and cable stations (or Obama) will point him out?

Silly question.


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Sep. 7th, 2011 11:36 pm (UTC)
Kinda my idea for the RNC debate tonight actually

What happened to, "Presidents deal with the problems they were left?"

Is our country and out systems SO fragile that one POTUS (especially one that rolls over SO much to YOUR side's demands that the people on the other side are actually wondering if he is even a liberal - much less a rabid commie)could actually cause the level of destruction that you claim ( and that I - who travels the country and talks to a LOT of people - just simply do not see - especially from the left.

You have once again displayed your total lack of faith in the American way, Values, Strengths and Abilities - and again shown the contempt for the average person. Of COURSE you don't want anyone to listen to the POTUS. And you call it fear? You side is NOTHING but FEAR and LOATHING - and a dose of contempt and even a little hatred.

I have plenty of first hand cases where I have sat and actually LISTENED to teabaggers (once again drawing the difference between "teabaggers" and "tea party supporters" - they are different) scream all the noise you tell me they don't. Well, sorry; many of them do.

I would vote for this POTUS whom I am not even a supporter of over ANY of the current field of so called "right wing" nut jobs out there. The closest I have come to liking any of them is your former Governor that is getting the "Ron Paul Treatment" from his so called party. Too bad your pals on the far right do not actually support any but the most radically right, most rabidly polarized and most partisan of their options. The only reason you have not seen the same behavior turned back on you is that the DNC is nowhere near as singular in nature as the "tea party" (pinkies up!).

When was the last Democratic POTUS that rolled over so much in your team's favor?

Cannot create jobs? Really? I think that is arguable - very arguable.

Only funds their cronies... I was thinking that just yesterday when I passed a Haliburton Truck that was covered in Hazmat and Radiological transport stickers, and when I was reading about Xe and the massive homeland security industry, the coal and oil lobby, and so on...

You will never ever ever learn... the politician class of our society has only one interest and one interest only - the protection of power and money for themselves and their friends. There has not, in many decades, been any political interest in the average, common man in America. We are a work force and nothing else. The "tea party" is just another cup to hide a ball under.

I have had more direct interference in my life from "the right" than any where. I do not agree with a lot of the programs coming from the left, but I have seen the dishonesty of the old boy network on the right - Jacksonville political history is almost nothing but that - and I have come to terms with the people on the right being SO blind and SO drowsy that not even Morning Thunder in their tea cups can actually open their eyes. They should switch to coffee...

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