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Guess what?

The America we love has never worked … and CAN’T ever work …

And the media have circled the wagons.

Are you shocked?

You see, life is not fair and we need more government, more taxation, more spending and more regulation of every single aspect of our lives because Obama knows you, your family, what you need, and what you should do better than you.

Remember way back before the 2008 election when I gave proof of how Mr. Obama felt about traditional America, the Constitution, free markets, the energy sector, the producers, entrepreneurs in general, the need for big government?

It's all clear now as of yesterday.

We need:

More control.

More class warfare.

More anger from the malcontents and more envy and jealousy when you step into a voting booth to cast your vote against the “evil rich” and FOR a bigger, more bloated, more encompassing and controlling central government.

More money from your pockets to pay for an ever-growing cabal of political elites and their massive bureaucracy - for their bloated salaries, benefits, healthcare and pensions.

More “fairness” and “Equality” and a well-paid and funded authoritarian cadre of leftists to decide what that means.

You know what?

If the government created any more “fairness” and “equality” I’d be writing this on an old manual typewriter and mimeographing it page-by-page to distribute on the street corner.

The demagogue is not concerned with such vagaries as fairness and equality.

He's happy with his expensive suits and private jets and fancy toys and upscale restaurants and luxury vacations and pricey entertainment.

The demagogue is interested wants to make you angry and elect people like him to (supposedly) take from those better off than you to grow the government even bigger.

But it’s NOT about taxing the rich!!!

It’s about making YOU angry, and even if he DID tax the rich it wouldn’t help YOU!

It only empowers more government.

Obama says things have been so bad over the last few decades.

Is he serious?

Has he not seen what has been happening here and across the world since he has been elected?

Is HE in a state of denial, or is this chaos just what the doctor ordered.

Gosh … if people only read books I’ve recommended like The True Believer they’d know how these things work.

And to think I predicted all this in 3 to 4 years ago and have documented it since and people are STILL arguing with me that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

You see Obama CAN'T run on what he's done so he must destroy his opposition, solidify his far-left base, and AGAIN promise rainbows and unicorns to the rest of the naive and disillusioned ro which pain he has contributed by his policies.

I mean, how bad was it 5 years ago before the Democrats controlled Congress and Obama was elected two years later?

Remember 4.3% unemployment and $1.80 gas and a national debt (still too high) representing about 40% of GDP.

Have you heard the speech?

Mark down that date … December 6, 2011.

Seventy years less one day after Pearl Harbor.

Out of his own mouth …

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