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Well, the left never departs from that same old script, does it?

Since that old liberal hack Bill "uh ... uh ... uh ..." Moyers is still being taken seriously (and celebrated) by left-wingers, I tuned in to his latest show/interview - with another liberal, Dr. Kathleen Hall Jamieson - who has quite a gig going on as an expert in political campaign “misinformation” and a critic of free (conservative) speech (she’s pro-Fairness Doctrine).

Moyers had his knives sharpened to attack conservatives, and especially current and recent Republican presidential candidates, and Dr. Jamieson was a willing accomplice.

Oh, she feigned “balance” and “fairness” by occasionally mentioning that “both sides” are guilty of rhetoric, hyperbole, misinformation and mischaracterizing facts and events but, it was plainly obvious - the interview was designed to eviscerate conservatives and protect the current president with whom Moyers (and Dr. Jamieson) are so obviously infatuated.

The highlight was a series of sound bites where Republicans criticized the president on a variety of issues and policies.

Dr. Jamieson said their points were exaggerated and far beyond the realms of reality when compared to the issues involved.

Moyers, good liberal that he is, called them extremist and “hallucinations”.

There ... they said it. All the claims were false or exaggerated so they must be right - they're experts.

Liberals are good at that. They do a lot of name-calling but far less, even nothing, when it comes to actually explaining why they think their targets are so delusional or hyperbolic.

For instance, it’s plain for anyone to see that there is a debate going on this very day as to whether we actually do have unalienable rights or our rights are simply granted to us by THE STATE.

When (now) Justice Elena Kagen was undergoing her confirmation process, she side-stepped the question of unalienable rights including one about whether the GOVERNMENT had the power to tell people what they should EAT!

We are almost daily being barraged with stories of Constitutional violations by the president and Congress (and Courts for that matter) as well as an avalanche of opinion asserting the Constitution is obsolete and no longer means what it says it means … or that it simply doesn’t matter.

Another Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, said recently in an interview in Egypt that the Constitution she swore an oath to protect and defend is basically old hat and shouldn’t be the model for other emerging governments.

Even when candidate Rick Santorum and Rep. John Boehner questioned the president's authority to (by fiat) declare private companies and Churches must provide products free of charge, not even considering the 1st Amendment question or freedom of religion, this was deemed extremist hyperbole.

Again, no objective discussion or evidence to support THEIR contentions - they just declare it so it must be true.

Yeah, it must be the truth, huh? Why, look how calmly and quietly and authoritatively they said it. I mean ... they sound so reasonable! And didn't they just say how those dastardly Republicans sounded like they were hallucinating. *wink*

You see, the left has very cleverly slipped into the public square the idea that to defend that Constitution, to defend America, to defend freedom, to defend traditional values, to actually believe in the Bill of Rights, individualism, property rights, the sanctity of life, and keeping the fruits of our labor are somehow EXTREMIST!

Which keeps left-wing shills like Bill Moyers in their plush homes and comfortable lifestyles as they exploit the very freedoms and opportunities they rail against … although in Moyers’ case he wouldn’t be where he is without big government and subsidized public television.

And they only wish there were a God so they could pray to Him/Her that you never actually pay attention to the real news.

You want to hear something extreme, Mr. Moyers?

Listen to this: if “we the people” don’t wake up in 9 months and turn back (or at least put the breaks on) this speeding train toward centralized post-Constitutional statism, America is done.

Unfortunately, it all depends on how many dead, dumb, gullible, and illegal voters Democrats and their extremist base can drag to the polls … and how far the liberal media will go to aid and abet.

We already know how far the media will go … it just remains to be seen how many disengaged people to believe their lies.


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