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If people in what was once a noble profession were serious about their work they’d have learned their lessons long ago.

The Richard Jewell (Atlanta Olympics bombing) case.
The Duke LaCrosse case
The Jena Six case.
Every story about “domestic terrorism” since Obama has been elected.

The smearing of the TEAParty and elevation of the “Occupy” movement.

The media no longer are interested in reporting the facts but only in creating issues and chaos by stirring up the worst in people and advancing their agenda.

And mostly be pushing misinformation and disinformation into the public arena as well as out-and-out lying and suppressing the rtruthg.

I checked in on ABC World News yesterday and had to shut it off after 2-3 minutes as Dianne Sawyer was trumpeting “new information” about the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

It wasn’t new.

I got the same information from local stories a MONTH AGO after the incident first happened.

As always, the media jumped on the month-old story and made it a national issue by reporting one side of the story and painting it with the liberal “hate crime” brush as they usually do … and the race-baiters (Sharpton, Farrakhan, Jackson, New Black Panthers, etc.) went along for the ride.

It’s tragic when a young person dies needlessly.

It’s worse when the situation is exploited for political and financial considerations.

Almost none of the important facts concerning the case were reported and much of what WAS reported is now seen to be incorrect.

I could list the specifics but you can research the particulars (or ask) for yourself if interested … like the portraits of the individuals involved, the timeline, why Zimmerman wasn’t arrested, the fact that Zimmerman in no way appears to have any racist traits, the testimony of eyewitnesses, why the race-baiting, the $10,000 bounty offered by the New Black Panthers is mostly being unreported, why there is SUDDENLY a new racial category that has, to my knowledge, never been used before - the “white Hispanic”, the fact that Zimmerman DID NOT call 9-11 incessantly over a period of months, etc.

Instead of the plain truth we have the predictable media circus.

Only those “facts” (and misinformation/disinformation) which propelled the pre-determined narrative in what is a tragic episode were advanced.

For a quick overview you can go to this story that appeared the DAY AFTER the shooting in this WOFL TV story:


Much of this was alluded to in the ABC story I saw yesterday as “new information”>

As with the Jena Six situation in Louisiana some time ago the media got it ALL WRONG from the beginning and, as we all know, it’s hard to unravel the knots once they’ve been tightened.

Which begs the question … have YOU learned not to trust the media, to be skeptical about everything you see and hear?

How sad that reputations can be damaged and lives at the whims of people with no regard for the truth and the well-being of others.

If Mr. Zimmerman committed any crimes it must be determined through a proper investigative process and fair trial ... if needed. And NOT through intimidation and lynch party mentality.

Instead, in this “post-racial” period the election of Barack Obama was supposed to bring, it’s anything but - with a Hispanic hiding from the Black Panthers, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson whipping up people into a bloodlust frenzy, and no one in positions of power and authority stepping in to quell the storm.

It’s almost as if they want it this way.

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