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pray ... really hard


The Supreme Court will be voting on the constitutionally of ObamaCare.

We pretty much know how the 4 leftist activist Justices will vote.

One of them was the cheerleader and defender of ObamaCare as his Solicitor General before being planted on the bench.

If the Court, and especially the originalists, those so-called "conservatives" who do NOT seek to re-write the Constitution, vote accorfing to the law, it will be overturned.

However ... strange things do happen.

Therefore, I say, pray ... pray for wisdom and integrity and professionalism in the vote of the Court ... that they not be influenced by forces and concepts alien to the actual Constitution itself. Oytherwise, the government will indeed have the power to control each and every aspect of your lives.


The vote today will not be announced until June and is rarely reversed.

So pray ... and keep praying.

Or it's all over.


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Mar. 30th, 2012 05:28 pm (UTC)
Hanging by a thread... have you been to Russia lately? Have you seen what hanging by a thread is... this is not even close.

This is not even hanging; much less by threads.
Mar. 31st, 2012 12:19 am (UTC)
No, but I have talked to people who have escaped from Eastern Europe and Cuba and are scared to death because they see what they escaped from happening here.

Your blase attitude is so troubling (*sarc*) in light of your purported outrage at the so-called "imperial presidency" and "unconstitutional" policies of the previous administration.

Of course we know now that that was all just a ruse as you've done a 180 to completely reverse almost very criticism you expressed in 2007-2008 and to ignore every outrage perpetrated by the guy you helped put into power.

We have a former community adviser, part time lecturer, part time ACORN adviser/teacher, and Alinsky devotee, running around the country trashing everything and everyone that has made us great - pouring gas on any fire he can to create chaos and (try to) gain political leverage.

The most divisive president in history - but what would you expect given his track record and true ideology? Someone who has said the Coinstitution is an obstacle and fatally flawed.

We literally have left-wing Supreme Court Justices advocating almost unlimited centralized power, a president who is engaging in every kind of power grab he can can, who orders dictates by fiat and in defiance of the Constitutionally-mandated advice and consent of the Congress, an administration that has expressed disdain for that very Constitution and everything that has made America great - including the free market - but you don't think there's any problem with that.

Of course you don't ... you're an ideologue and healthcare and education and the economy don't really matter in the short term.

Winning is what matters - by any means necessary - because once you have "transformed" America by first tearing it down, THEN you think you're so clever you can reconstruct it according to your fantasy of a utopian dream.

Not on our watch, bubba! ;-)

Mar. 31st, 2012 08:34 pm (UTC)
First half - a small challange

Where is my 180 reversal? Demonstrate.

I really think you're doing the whole blinders thing.

There are subtleties between partial and total disagreement; but your side seems to think life is a seesaw and one is either all over to one side or the other. I rarely am. The things where Junior and BHO are on similar course I am as annoyed with as I was. Junior is still junior and BHO is still BHO. I did not support either. I voted for BHO only in that his alternative was 40% along with my opinions and BHO was roughly 60%. That, of course, on the new "right" scale of politics makes me a fringe element liberal since they have moved the general discussion norm so far to the right that even their hero, Ronnie, would probably be unacceptable to them today.

Every kind of power grab? Your guy reorganized the Federal Government and created the single most powerful and centralized law enforcement / intelligence agency in the history of the planet (ok - at least in the history of this country). The last three of your POTUS spent money like it was water and openly played it off with the old, "with larger population and economic growth, the balance with future tax levels will be unnoticeable" line (in fact I can pull quotes of you saying (paraphrased) the same thing... and that is not a reversal? No I am not happy with this guy, but I am happier than I was with Junior (I am doing better financially for sure) and when I look at the lunatic fringe your GRAND ol party is offering up it is a wonder that I have not hurled every last bit of bile from my gut. These guys are noting so far but good entertainment.
Apr. 6th, 2012 05:14 pm (UTC)
One eighties?
When Bush was in office you railed against:

Imperial presidencies
Military tribunals
"Spying on Americans"
Lack of Miranda rights for terrorists
The stupidity of pushing freedom
Interfering in soverign states
Illegal wars
Rendition programs
GE & Chrysler declaring bankruptcy
High healthcare costs
Calling "criminals" terrorists and even saying we have a "war on terrorism"
Engaging in wars without official "Declarations"

And so forth ... and you have been silent on virtually everything except to praise Obama for executing people, even an American citzen, without a "fair trial", much left reading their Miranda Rights as well as bombing soverign countries posing no threat to us and overthrowing their leaders without Congressional approval.

That a good start?

Bush improved national security and intelligence?

That's a negative?

Obama is tracking emails and social media and creating a data base involving Americans who have done nothing wrong. :-P

Hey, Mike! Unlike you liberals I CRITICIZED Bush for spending, Prescription drugs, Amnesty, Bailouts, TARP, etc. You and your guy were FOR most of those things except they wanted more spending (it's never enough) and more TAXES.

You always pull that "You never criticize Republicans" and that a great big fat lies. *ROFLOL*

I told you over and over Bush was basically a liberal but at least he wasn't a MARXIST and SOCIALIST as the new liberals of today are.

Apr. 6th, 2012 10:02 pm (UTC)
Re: One eighties? HA HA HA HA HA ...
The list is too long to do in one post
Part One... the discussion key:

To ease confusion I will preface my responses between the lines with a ">"
When Bush was in office you railed against:
> Really? Now you are simply being dishonest... Let's take a looksee...:
>> to speed this up I will use an asterix ("*") to save time and space so I do not have to type comment, "a point that me and most of those like me are QUITE annoyed with. No reversal there."
I will use an up carrot ("^") where you are correct or even close to being correct
I will use an tilde ("~") to illustrate me rolling my eyes at the more egregious dishonest representation of my words - see the next post for an observation on that... Let's just assume that if there is no "^" that I disagree with your claim that I have changed my views even so much as 90 degrees - much less 180.
Apr. 6th, 2012 10:04 pm (UTC)
Re: One eighties? # 2
Part 2 The main body of the list...

Imperial presidencies
> ^Still don't like (and this guy is FAR less so) - I'll give you a quarter point there...

Military tribunals
>still against but being patient - at least they are progressing - much of the reason they are still where they are at is push back from conservatives in state and local governments and personally I think this was a good opportunity for the POTUS and the DOJ to exert their legal authority and hodl their trials and criminals where they want as it is a federal agency's inclination to do so- Opportunity lost due to another annoying attempt to placate your side and its absurd fear mongering and obstructionism.


"Spying on Americans"
> *

Lack of Miranda rights for terrorists
> *

The stupidity of pushing freedom
> ~ What ?! That is nonsense

Interfering in soverign states
> * Ha ha ha ha ha ha... no. You are a bit off on that one. *

Illegal wars
> Again... no *

> Moving in the right (CU) direction for a change. Kind of a broad enough subject to be ambiguous and read any way you like...

> I seem to recall stating that it was the ONLY one of the two (of the period) that I suggested we had any real "casus belli". I would and still would have preferred a more targeted response. We have done some good things in that part of the world (both Iraq and Afghanistan). I wouldn't take back the removal of either the Taliban or Hussain. I have never said anything but ever. That said our current use of drones and special forces for surgical work in the Afpak is a much smarter use of resources - THAT I ACTUALLY SAID would be my preferred means of dealing with the area just after the invasion!

>>>>I almost laughed so hard I nearly wet my pants there...

Rendition programs
> * Vile, dishonest, and a violation of international laws and agreements.
GE & Chrysler declaring bankruptcy
> Not even sure how to mark that one... up or tilde Be more clear...

High healthcare costs
> OK - see last line... Yes and if we do not control them sometime soon we will have MAJOR issues - your side did NOTHING and would have been happy doing NOTHING.

Calling "criminals" terrorists and even saying we have a "war on terrorism"
> *

Engaging in wars without official "Declarations"
> Nope. I'm not sure what you are getting at there. Wars are not what they were. Conventional wars of the likes of WWII and etc are not the norm these day. I DON'T like and have never changed my thought on undeclared wars. It is a situational thing - always has been.

And so forth ... and you have been silent on virtually everything except to praise Obama for executing people, even an American citzen, without a "fair trial", much left reading their Miranda Rights as well as bombing soverign countries posing no threat to us and overthrowing their leaders without Congressional approval.
> Hmm, really?
> ~ I have ALWAYS said that I prefer arrest and capture under international and US LAWS over killings - funny you would attribute acceptance for killing anyone to someone who is a declared pacifist. Additionally - BHO did not execute anyone. More additionally - Not happy about an American being target to be killed any more than I am ANYONE ELSE. that he picked his side is his problem. When a criminal is killed in a shoot out that cannot be avoided I don't lament the loss. In this round of violence, if a "T" is taken out, it's another day in the trenches IMHO. I don't like it, but he picked his own fate. I have NEVER said otherwise. See next post for more as noted previously...

> Bombinb sovereign countries... etc. Well I don't see that I have reversed my opinion at all - Example. When you complained about Clinton missing his shot at BHO with targeted cruise missile attack I said it was better than risking troops. When we invaded Afghanistan I said I preferred cruise missiles and if needed Special Ops. I also know there are times that the POTUS cannot wait (doesn't have to wait) and has the authority to act. It's a mixed bag. I have stayed consistent on that.

Apr. 6th, 2012 10:05 pm (UTC)
Re: One eighties? # 3
Part 3 The trailing comments

That a good start?
>~ ~~ yes you have proven several of my comments that I have made about how you attach other's baggage to me perfectly IMHO seeing as you got most of my supposed change of opinions COMPLETELY wrong.

Bush improved national security and intelligence?
> and almost got you a ^ but not quite
> I actually stated that I was appalled that Clinton had gutted the physical intelligence and that I was pleased that at least Junior was building that up - yet his lack of respect for the interpretation was almost as bad. His misuse of the Intel community was another thing I was disgusted with and the current administration has continued the appalling policies and even expanded many.

That's a negative?
> What is ?

Obama is tracking emails and social media and creating a data base involving Americans who have done nothing wrong. :-P
> * ~ Actually been researching this as I find it quite annoying. This process ws actually started under Junior. That it continues is annoying. I have never said anything different.

Hey, Mike! Unlike you liberals I CRITICIZED Bush for spending, Prescription drugs, Amnesty, Bailouts, TARP, etc. You and your guy were FOR most of those things except they wanted more spending (it's never enough) and more TAXES.

You always pull that "You never criticize Republicans" and that a great big fat lies. *ROFLOL*
>*~ Just as you made up most of my positions above... what's good for the goose is good for the gander. Laughing with ya (I hope)

I told you over and over Bush was basically a liberal but at least he wasn't a MARXIST and SOCIALIST as the new liberals of today are.
> and here is where I point out that - just as I point out what I don't like about this guy and have never claimed support for him, you have said that my supposed (and somewhat but only slightly fictional) show of support represents support - as your constant droning about disliking and then spouting off VOLUMES of praise and defense constitute approval. We already hashed that out a long time ago.

I voted for BHO not because I liked him. I didn't like the alternative even more. I have always said so - I even gave you numbers on it.

Apr. 6th, 2012 10:25 pm (UTC)
Re: Observations...
Part 4 An Observation


If you actually believe what you posted there than I have to assume that you have not actually read ANYTHING I post because you claimed that I turned 180 degrees on issues in an attempt to show that I disapproved of these things under Junior and now approve them.

Patently false on almost every single one - and mostly wrong on the rest.

Batting less than .005 as I see it.

I think what I am observing is that you have once again confirmed several of my comment that I have made over the years.

1: You use me as a poster boy for EVERYONE on the "left" with absolutely NO real regard for what I have actually said about ANYTHING. You have no idea at all what I believe, but you think it's all wrong any way. /light chuckle/

2: You are guilty IMHO of doing to me what you claim only liberals (specifically but not limited to me) do to conservatives (specifically but not limited to you).

3: You have ignored every complaint I have ever made about BHO - or maybe you just miss them, there are an amazing quantity of them for you to have missed them

Side note - I know you complained about Junior... I also know that you followed up a lot of those complaints with praise and what I considered contradictions. I don't really feel the need to go back and find them now (Damn I wish my LJ back up was working properly - darn Russians). Just because I am not currently in a position to or willing to waste time pulling them doesn't mean they didn't happen. Given enough push I would dig back and find them You sure offered a good deal of praise for the man over his terms,even while telling me he would be raised to the level of national hero (paraphrased) in some future history book (probably issued for the state of Texas after proper review and redaction).

4 You seem to be putting deeds and words from your "liberal demons" into my posts. I can answer for every single thing I responded to. You got a very low accuracy score on this exercise. I know you don't think so - but I know so.

So maybe we should have some sort of reset... Let's drop the lack of civility, name calling, and the insertion of thoughts and words into our discussion. Let's stop presenting opinion as fact and understand that there are degrees of acceptance and tolerance. Let's maybe also understand that there is a lot of ground between "left and right" that is taken up by people that mean well and try hard and don't really believe that the folk in government (local, state as well as federal) really do not have the interests of either of us at heart. Because they don't like your guy or your positions it doesn't mean they are anti American, or socialist or even particularly vile... and they have every right to an opinion. Many served their country, and those that did DO feel they have earned some level of respect for having done so. We don't ask people to leave because we don't like their position.

Apr. 7th, 2012 10:47 pm (UTC)
Re: Observations...
I never said you liberals (and you are a liberal - not a total socialist/communist/fascist yet but NOT a Constitutionalist and federalist) are ALL evil but some have evil intentions ... which I define as overthrowing our system and traditions to install their utopian dream.

OF COURSE they think they are doing good.

HITLER thought he was doing good.

But they are doing it through lies, manipulation, thuggery, corruption, and bribery ... and that's the ONLY way yhey can achieve their goals.

You want me to just ignore the hard cold facts of who people like Saul Alinsly, Cloward and Piven, Bill Ayers, and their legion of true believers are and how much influence they have in academia, the education system, the media, and now the government.

Just a "little" tyranny here and there is acceptable to you ... it's for our own good.

So what it we are stealing one person's property to subsidize another person's lifestyle ... they can afford it. It's "better" to sacrifice a little rather than engender chaos and social upheaval.

Sorry ... I have always been civil and RARELY talk politics in everyday life except with people who are interested in it.

However ... when my beliefs are slapped down, smeared, mocked, misrepresented ... when I or people like me are dememed to be idiots, bigots, liars, racists, etc. I don't bother to whine about all the mean things they are saying I strike back ... with facts and the truth.

And I have a LONG memory ... and don't let go.

If I make you a punching bag by associating you with the left ... what's the problem? If it doesn't apply to you ... don't tell me. tell a liberal. :-D

When someone is so ignorant ( anonymous people who don't know me) as to call me a bad name, i'm not bothered in the least becauseI know it's garbage.

Now, when someone says something about ourselves that's TRUE ... that's when we should give pause ... not just play the "deny, deny, deny" game. ;-)
Apr. 10th, 2012 02:26 am (UTC)
Re: Observations...
Don't tell me tell a liberal... that's rich

Apr. 7th, 2012 12:56 am (UTC)
Re: One eighties?
Been meaning to ask you - did you make that logo

It's kinda cool .
Apr. 7th, 2012 10:05 pm (UTC)
Re: One eighties?
The Ruby Slippers? No, I found that somewhere.
Apr. 10th, 2012 01:54 am (UTC)
Re: One eighties?
no no no the animated clouds
Mar. 31st, 2012 09:00 pm (UTC)
Second Half - more errors on what you claim I have said
/ laughing as I go /

you so love that word...

"you're an ideologue and healthcare and education and the economy don't really matter in the short term."

Wow... so many ways to respond...

First off, other countries are looking at their 20 yr growth and beating us economically and technologically and at least in part due to the dismantling of the US federal Science and Technology (S&T) sectors (I have clients in these areas and they were appalled)... and the POTUS and his administration had done so much to demoralize the S&T Sectors, gut their budgets and silence so many of their people and made us the laughing stock of the S&T international community... Heck yes it is MOST wise to be looking long term. One of the greatest failures of the US and the US (mostly) "right" power brokers and businesses (in general) are that they tend to be VERY SHORT SIGHTED. That is a common theme when folk are interviewed over the economy crash - no one was worried about the next decade, the party was happening in the then and now.

You are FLAT OUT WRONG on the statement in that I care a heck of a lot about healthcare and education and the economy - just not the way you do.

I know that the "right" is so hostile towards the people that provide education that their behavior (the "right") towards these people is DISGRACEFUL and APPALLING. They should be ashamed of themselves.

YOUR SIDE reigned in the economic regulators and suggested that Wall St. would be better regulating itself - which is a complete and utter farce. Those I have read up on and friends in related business tell me the same thing. There was no one watching the hen house except the foxes and as long as they kept coming out with hens and there was still clucking inside, all was well... There was enough blame to go around, but your side is INCAPABLE of absorbing even the slightest hint of responsibility... pathetic.If they could just be honest about it... wow....

Heathcare? My republican House Rep responded to my complaint to him with a list of all he has done with his fellow house Rs in the area of health care... that is ... COBRA, the Patients Bill of Rights and Privacy rules and the FMLA - all of which are generally ridiculed in the public forums as useless, comical, and only designed to help those that need it the least. In Florida, the FMLA has actually reduced the average protection of the average worker to a point that more than half of the workers in the state of Florida have NO protection under FMLA. Useless - utterly useless. Brag all you like.

Our healthcare systems are no where near the best that they once were. We are not even in the top 10 for getting the best benefit for the money spent. Quality of life issues are in decline due to the profit over patient policies. Your death panels - they have existed for decades in the US - in PPO, HMO and general health insurance companies that decide who and when and what to cover with little regard to contracts that are deliberately worded with loopholes, policy back doors and obscure language that the vast majority of people (including lawyers) have difficulty understanding them - this largely in hopes that the patients will give up and drop a claim (I have experienced this first hand). No you are so far wrong on that I just have to laugh. We want a system that works... for EVERYONE... not just the ones covered by their federal job description and their huge bankroll.

...and with all the job shortage we cannot seem to train enough doctors and we are importing them at a HUGE rate - even when doctors are making more as a comparative income to the average person than at ANY TIME IN OUR HISTORY... and we have a cost growth in healthcare that, frankly, is appalling.

The US health care system has not been a free market one for along long time...

You have put on your blinders and decided what I and everyone else stands for - maybe you should take them off.

The current POTUS and company are not the best that can be had, but your side is REGRESSIVE.
Apr. 6th, 2012 05:31 pm (UTC)
Re: Second Half - more errors on what you claim I have said
So other countries are outpacing us? Who? And why if so?

Maybe because of the highest corporate taxes in the world and onerous regulations being cranked out by the thousands of pages?

I suppose you're buying that "more oil drilling under Obama than Bush" canard? *ROFLOL*

Who is receiving budget CUTS? Next time ask what their budgets were last year and what they are now. With almost no exceptions they will be higher.

How you liberals love to play with language. A "budget cut" is not a reduction in the rate of growth.

Nope ... conservatives LOVE our educators. They are APPALLED at outrageous benefits, bad teachers, left-wing propaganda, teachers' UNIONS that contribute almost 100% to DEMOCRATS, and public sector employees in general who get sweet deals on salary, benefits, healthcare from temporary politicians at TAXPAYER (who is hurting) expense while funneling union dues back to those same politicians.

And many are EXEMPT from ObamaCare!

Got that yet?


Hey Mike. You know the BIGGEST DENIER of healthcare?


I just lost 2 parents and know first hand how it works.

Just wait until Obama drives out or controls all the healthcare providers, insurance companies, and you have to deal with government run healthcare ... they are already making contingency plans for RATIONING and DENYING medicine, tests, and services based on YOUR HEALTH.


You utopians are so naive.

Apr. 6th, 2012 11:38 pm (UTC)
Re: Man - busy today ?
So many issues so little time...

The REAL corporate tax rate in the US is much lower than you claim. Any company that pays at the high rate has a lousy accountant and lawyer.

I know this first hand.

Even at current or even higher tax rates NO ONE avoids doing business in the US.

You guys FANTASTICALLY EDUCATOR HOSTILE. What a load! I have friends screaming about your policies and how they will leave in drives if the Republicans get in again... in FL several have already left (Our current and last Gov. Were VERY hostile to the teachers and education in general). Several states make international specials of themselves playing to the special interests of the "right" and making laughing stocks of their administration and school systems. Cutting programs for state universities and jacking up the tuition to the point taht more and more middle class families will not be able to afford to send their kids to school. Removing all incentives for teachers to even WANT to teach. Bull. You guys like educators, but not public ones - not the "great levelers". You want private schools for profit.

SWEET DEALS on salaries? really? How many rich teachers do you know. What a load.

Stated again - don't like the PPAHCA except specific provisions ... ... ... this is a recording...

Hey Ed... some of the reasons Medicare and Medicaid are in the state they are in is that our more "left" politicians are so afraid to push the envelope of what we can do and the ones on the "right" have had a very successful 50+ yr run of denigrating anything that even HINTS of a social program and weaknesses and Half baked attempts to cobble together programs tend to come up with half baked and unappealing cakes. Failure is built in by design. No one will fix because the liberals are afraid of the "right" backlash and the right will not fix anything because power and agenda out weigh the public good and the needs of the people. Even the HINT that a social program might work sends you guys into a tizzy.

More than 1/3 to some say 1/5 of the people in the US are on some sort of public health system... and growing.

And if you are denied service in Medicare or Medicaid you have the option (like in MOST so called Socialist (ha ha ha ha ha) countries of getting supplemental insurance or going ELSEWHERE.

My parents #1$2 complaints with the government ... Socialized Medicine and Welfare.

Remember they are die hard religious right wingers...

Their great (and soon to be at least partially realized) fears? That they would somehow lose them.

There's dichotomy for you.

You guys are going to lose the health care argument - and it is not about PPAHCA. It is about what comes later.
Apr. 7th, 2012 10:23 pm (UTC)
Re: Man - busy today ?
You are truly delusional.

This is why it's useless to discuss things. You are detached from reality.

Businesses are moving overseas for a reason ... and not because they have stupid accountants.

You are a lost cause. *lol*
Apr. 10th, 2012 02:22 am (UTC)
Re: Man - busy today ?
I know damn well why they move off shore... and it CERTAINLY not because they have crappy accountants.

It is also not because they have any sense of patriotism or national loyalty...

...and most don't move off shore.
Apr. 10th, 2012 03:01 am (UTC)
Re: Man - busy today ?
They are paralyzed by an administration, which is empowered by masses of UTOPIAN DREAMERS, who want to destroy Capitalism, eliminate peoperty right, and confiscate/redistribute as much wealth as they can get their greasy little hands on.

You are KILLING the job creators, the energy sector, the banking industry, EVERYONE that supports freedom, opportunity, success.

You want to ... HERE IT IS ... control each and every aspect of out lives!

Look at California.

THAT monstrosity is the blueprint for what's in store for us.

Government control gone mad led by control freaks like Chuck Shumer, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Kathleen Sebellius, Janet Napalitano, Elena Kagan, etc.

Obama said he WANTED so much of this and now he (and you) have to pretend he didn't and doesn't and resort to mad attacks at anyone who criticizes him and tells the truth.

HIDE the objective. Couch it in unthreatening familiar words.

Introduce the agenda step by step, like the frog in the slowly heating pot of water until it's too late.

Amazing what you can do with a population that doesn't pay attention and those that do are fed propaganda from a news media totally in the tank for The Party.
Apr. 10th, 2012 03:42 am (UTC)
Re: Man - busy today ?
Simple... bull.

They are profit over loyalty, profit over patriot.

Killing job creators... the numbers don't support that... and my company has just expanded again.

Want to kill a TON of jobs... keep us on the oil standard for a few more decades and don't invest in other resources.

Want to know another... see what happens when healthcare costs get up to 20 or 30 percent of the economy. It is heading that way quickly. Wait till you see how bad things get when medical gets so costly that most people cannot afford routine visits to the doctor.

Let the infrastructure get worse. See how bad things get.

Don't upgrade the ATC systems. Keep screwing with educators and science and tech development...
Apr. 11th, 2012 03:58 am (UTC)
Re: Man - busy today ?
Who are "they"?

It's GOVERNMENT that is stifling investment, and maybe your company is expanding because government is pulling more out of the private sector and spending money it doesn't have.

Obama said your insurance would go down.

That you could keep the insurance you have.

That he was AGAINST forcing people to buy insurance.

That he was against paying for abortions.

That he did NOT want to dictate to healthcare providers.

He LIED about the cost and it's already DOUBLED!

He is running up annual deficits of $1.6 TRILLION!

And to think people laughed when I predicted mere trillion dollar deficits! The only thing I was wrong about is it's WORSE than even I predicted ... and you called me a "fearmonger"! *LOL*

It is LAUGHABLE that you'd recite the same old talking points when WE live in the real world.

You've gotten almost all your little heart wanted with your "moderate" candidate Obama and he has been a DISASTER.

He is DESTROYING the private sector ... and I have news for you. Healthcare already is about 20% and Obama's death panels are already working on how to deny seniors healthcare to cut costs.

He's building up the IRS to crack down on anyone who doesn't comply.

It's enough to make you sick ... ironic, isn't it.
Apr. 7th, 2012 12:22 am (UTC)
Re: Man - busy today ?
Ya know - I now know three people that have returned to the EU for medical.

1 to Switzerland for orthopedics

2 and 3 to the UK for Cancer and end of life Cancer Treatments

4 Italy - for chronic breathing issue.

5 China - not sure.

All but the last (have not heard from ) have stated these reasons for why...

US is too expensive and the care there is good

Rx coverage in the US is TERRIBLE

Rates of secondary infection in the US are on the rise

We like the systems back home

Could not afford to keep a place in the US and get treatment there - and since it isn't all that better...

Too many gadgets in the US making costs go up

Getting called away...
Apr. 7th, 2012 10:19 pm (UTC)
Re: Man - busy today ?

You think it's expensive now?

Wait until it's free and you can't get what YOU need for any price.

Hey, Mike. Europe is collapsing and countries like Switzerland and Canada are apples to our (and Europe's) oranges.
Mar. 31st, 2012 09:08 pm (UTC)
and since you brought it up...
Jefferson knew the Constitution was imperfect - and so did most of the founders.

Jefferson wanted it revisited frequently to make sure it was still in accordance with the values of the land.

It is one of the MORE perfect ones out there... but it is not and will never be perfect. Perfection is a moving target. You don't really understand that.

Interesting that both sides claim to be the true defenders of the faith when it comes to the big C... in reality NEITHER is. They both stomp all over it as necessary when it suits their cause... and I have QUOTES OF YOU doing the same... ? oh? yes... in your statements regarding the legal representation and rights of anyone you feel is an enemy of the state that has NEVER BEEN TRIED. I am rather annoyed that the last thing BHO did in 2011 was his detention bill. Most of those I know like me were quite annoyed by it... and we get told again... no no no you LOVE this guy and all he does... how deaf and blind can you folk actually get.

I notice our so called left media comedians NEVER make fun of the left... yet I see "our" (quotes since you have decided once again - in error - who my side is) favorites beating up on BOTH sides and most certainly our POTUS than I have EVER seen a Faux "News" or right wing noise makers beat up on their own... you guys are so funny...

Apr. 1st, 2012 02:11 am (UTC)
Re: and since you brought it up...
When you start "leccturing" me on the Constitution you lose all credibility.

You know nothing of my background (I don't flaunt it) which includes a B.A. in political science and post grad work including Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties.

But let me instruct YOU.

The Constitution had to be ratified by a collection of diverse interests in the STATES which meant some things had to be compromised.

In the original draft of the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson included King George's engaging of slavery among his injuries and ursurpations but it had to be left out.

However, it declared "all men are created equal" which paved the way for a horrible Civil War and ending of slavery including, by Constitutional AMENDMENT, the 14th Amendment.

Madison, Jefferson, et al absolutedly LOATHED the kind of despotic government we are being forced into accepting. They understood the nature and source of tyranny because they understood human nature and devised as perfect a document as possible for restraining the tyrannical excesses those on your side are engaged in ... by shredding that Constitution at every opportunity.

To imply I am somehow dense, that I "do not understand" what your "moving target" is really all about is an insult ... and I will leave it there ... except to say, as everything I've written about and predicted here since 2007 (and elsewhere for years before that) has been coming to pass.

And the only safeguard we have is that Constitution which is so derided by your side ... the likes of Elena Kagan, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Stephen Breyer, and the one with the most contempt for our system of self-governance, Barack Obama.

EVERYTHING you leftist utopian masterminds touch turns to crap. History has shown us that is a fact and all we have to do is look what you've done over the last three years.

Apr. 1st, 2012 04:29 am (UTC)
Re: and since you brought it up...
Madison and Jefferson had no concept of the modern (despotic? really? I still have a quiet bomb shelter, but I have to restock it - I ate the food since it wasn't being used) issues you refer to.

So... again... where is the despotism? Where is the oppression? Oh it's there; but you feel the oppression I see is OK.

I love how the "right" LOVED it when their team started incarcerating people without due process, and now that the current team has (rather annoyingly) signed on to the same concept they are oddly silent. I would think the "right" wingers would all be holding a bonfire along with live rounds of waterboarding of Gitmo tenants for live entertainment.

These restrictions were to prevent the tyrannies of the day of a monarchical power that was out of control and too far away to really care. It is also interesting to rad back to see the levels of support that the Tories had and from what parts of society. Originalists like to misrepresent this, but now it is somewhat unimportant. What is important is that the "right" has so grossly overstated the (lol ) despotism to the point of absurdity. It is hard to take them seriously when they scream about pains that require little more than a bandaid, if I dare be so metaphorical. It's kind alike one of the cultural problems with the show Cops and America's Most Wanted - as these shows went on and on, year after year, the watchers became somewhat jaded over dire messages that never came true - they became desensitized to the noise. Or maybe the cycle of hurricanes would be a good way to see it, as people hear warning after warning that doesn't come true, so when the big one hits they stay, because they simply no longer believe the message.

You are also wrong about the Constitution being the only safe guard. It is a good safe guard and it is generally effective - but it gets its power and its authority from the REAL source of protection and safeguards - and that is the people. You have no faith in them.

The biggest problem with liberal agendas in the US is in three points:

1 They go at everything half way since going all the way is scarier than Alinsky to a Republican.

2 When problems arise they allow the "right" to take a wrecking ball to things instead of fixing the individual problems

3 They seem to forget financing (a problem the "right" has a history of as well). Everything costs money. When I complained about that before you said - the growth rate will absorb it and there is no need to pay now. I disagreed. I also disagree with the current spending - a point that you keep neglecting and insist on calling me a spender... HA HA HA HA HA HA.... must be the wine speaking through me tonight...

There's a lot of forms of freedom. We all have different versions of it. People like me, we see just as much freedom being taken by religions and business as we do from government.

I recall about 15 years ago, I was listening to Rush as he started to explain how frightening it would be to be a boss and how most people would never take it on - and how he would so reconsider becoming one if he knew then what he knew now; but then he followed it with a round of (quoted as close as I can recall), "Knowing what I know now, I could NEVER (his emphasis) be an employee... I won't go into it, I can't.... but I don't think I could go back to being an employee."

Apr. 6th, 2012 05:53 pm (UTC)
Re: and since you brought it up...
Anyone who doesn't no despotism/oppression when they see it must be blind.

It's so hilarious that someone who will rant endless to try and discredit someone who simply reports the honest truth just skipps la-la-la merrily alone as government intrudes into every aspect of his life.

I have documented over and over and over the ways in which this is being doen and that just makes you laugh and snort.


I've got news for you Mike.

The Constitution IS the people and it is our last safeguard.

Everyone else can be appropriated to expand tyranny.

It is our legal CONTRACT with the government.

Jefferson and the Foiunding Fathers knew it was not perfect in every detail. The Anti-Federalists predicted EXACTLY what has happened in our ever-expanding centralized all-controlling executive officem courts and bureaucracy.

They provided a mechanism for improvement ... the AMENDMENT process.

Madison (I believe) argued that important bills should be written and put on the shelf for ONE YEAR so they could be STUDIED and CRITIQUED before voting.

Contrast that with slapping together 3,000 pages no one reads and cramming them thryu AGAINST THE PROPLE'S WILL in the DARK OF NIGHT on Christmas Eve.

I DO have faith in "the people" ... those who BELIEVE in the Constitution and rule of law. Hopefully there are enough of us left to at least slow down the mad oncoming trainwreck.

If not, Alexis de Toqueville will have been proven correct almost 200 years ago after studying the American political system and predicting it would eventually collapse because the people would figure out how to vote themselves other people's money and tyrants would arise.

No Mike. You liberals think those people were so quant, so narrow-minded, so unsophisticated.

They knew EXACTLY what human nature was and knew exacty what would happen in a country that moved from one of morals, ethics, personal responsibility, self determinism, and limited government.

You leftists are so full of your self-adoration and think you are so much more intelligent than the true geniuses that brought together a group of people collected on these shores to become the greatest force for good ever on the face of the Earth.

And to think their ancestors would buy into tryanny and despotism for the sake of some government-approved trinkets.
Apr. 7th, 2012 12:34 am (UTC)
Re: and since you brought it up...
No one has ever claimed that the Constitution is anything but.

Only people who do not understand that there is a lot of ground between the poles make such bizarre claims.

AND THANK YOU FOR THAT - YOU ARE CORRECT and I have always said it over and over... it IS OUR LEGAL CONTRACT between the people and the government of the people... too bad that the government is more of the rich and for the rich and not so much everyone else. Fortunately there are plenty of safe guards in place for most issues - but not enough to stop Wall Street from fleecing the rest of us manipulating the political system beyond anything the average citizen can and become filthy rich(er) and (more) powerful all while the rest of the house is in such disrepair.

(Oh I almost forgot to hit on that... So explain to me how The democrats can be in the pocket of wall street, the greatest friends of Wall Street and at the same time be the worse enemy of Wall Street all at the same time)

PPAHCA is not forced on everyone. A lot of people like it. A Lot of businesses like it. I don't. You keep acting like I do. When will you get over that and move on to something more interesting.

Quaint - your word - not mine.

Snort ha ha ha ha ha SELF ADORATION HA HA HA HA HA cough cough cough...

I see you're making things up again.

You have so so little idea of what tyranny is. I hope you never see it. I don't think you'd like it much. It makes all this stuff you're talking about seem ... insignificant.

Apr. 7th, 2012 10:13 pm (UTC)
Re: and since you brought it up...
Obama has said the Constitution is fatally flawed and doesn't give the government power to redistribute wealth, etc.

MANY Democrats have said "I don't care about the Constitution" and "So what?" when confronted with Constitutional issues.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg advised Egyptians NOT to model their Constitution after ours and regularly cites foreign law in arguing her opinions.

Obama has regularly showed contempt by acting in violation of the Constitution and just made some outrageous disrespectful political statements in the middle of deliberations on the ObamaCare mandate about "unelected Justices" and "Judicial activism" and what the "conservative Justices" need to understand should they vote to overturn the mandates.

Outrageous and unprecedented.

Of course I know none of this matters because you will just spin it and/or laugh it off as right wing "noise".

Right? ;-)
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