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well… kenya beat that?


A week doesn’t pass that we don’t see first-hand how much information we are fed is wrong and, almost worse, how much real information is being suppressed.

Take the Trayvon Martin case. Much of this “new” information about the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman was known from the beginning - including the witnesses who saw Zimmerman being beaten on the ground and yelling for help, his head and facial injuries, and so forth.

But the media advanced the narrative set by the race-baiters, including the description of Zimmerman as being a “white-Hispanic” and (by stereotypical inference) a racist and bigot.

The fact that his mother is Hispanic and his grandfather black matters not and neither does “new” evidence that Martin had marihuana residue in his blood and urine nor the fact he had knuckle injuries indicating he was (theoretically) pummeling Zimmerman just as Zimmerman said.

Instead we have the picture advanced of a black “child” minding his business, strolling down the street with munchies for his little brother, being stalked by a “white-Hispanic” who then shoots him for no other reason than he is black and a stranger” to that neighborhood.

Then, just in time to distract us from the real issues, comes news Barack Obama’s former literary agent” (mistakenly) included in a booklet of new “authors” that Obama was born in Kenya … and this was in 1991 when he was 30 and graduating from Harvard … and it stood that way (uncorrected) until 2007.


So Obama’s literary agent was the first “Birther”?

That’s what ABC suggested in slobbering news story explaining it was all a big “fact-checking” mistake and no need to go further.

No follow up.

No questions about exactly why someone would include a Kenyan birth in a professional bio, where that “fact” came from, and why a new “author” like Barack Obama would not have immediately corrected it almost 21 years ago … if he INDEED wanted it to be corrected.

You see, this is just another example, most likely, of how Mr. Obama, throughout his life, has fictionalized and exaggerated who he is according to how it would impact his image in the public arena.

You know, like that Elizabeth Warren gal running for the Senate in Massachusetts claiming she was part Cherokee to get favorable “minority” perks in her schooling and later career.

Hey … It’s what liberals are famous for. Getting something for nothing.

Which is why people like me (Cajuns from Louisiana) who have some Indian blood in us have never tried to exploit it to gain entitlements or favorable seating at the trough.

And which is why we’ll most likely never see any of Obama’s sealed records, find out just how a high school dope head who spent the last two years of high “in a daze” drinking heavily and taking DRUGS “enthusiastically” managed to get into Harvard and Columbia.

It couldn’t be that a “Kenyan-born” student got a tuition break or scholarship … or some extra points on the entrance exam for being a foreign student.

With all we know now about Obama’s tendency to say things that aren’t true that’s not an unlikely theory.

And oh, did you hear Rev. Wright (whom the media defended as a respected theologian back in 2008) has been spilling the beans on Obama … even revealed he was offered $150,000 to shut up before the election, and had a secret 3 hour meeting with Obama in which he pleaded with Wright to just drop out?

But all of this is off-limits according to our mainstream media. Even the suggestion some MIGHT produce ads about Obama's relationship with Wright and the network news outlets are leading off their shows about this outrageous strategy, how racist it is, and how Republicans should only discuss issues Obama (and they) approve of.

Yep, it’s racist, bigoted, doesn’t matter and they're too busy anyway … much too busy dredging up unsubstantiated stories about Obama’s opponent from 47 years ago and digging up dirt on anyone who is too generous and/or outspoken in his or her support of Romney.

What a disgrace this media is. And shame on all these milquetoast Republicans who think they can play nice with these people.



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May. 19th, 2012 07:42 am (UTC)
Incidentally, the media argument that it would be "racist" and "send the wrong message" to run those ads about Obama should be a strong sign to the Republicans that running those ads would be an incredibly GOOD idea for them. Or have the Republicans not yet grasped that the MSM will urge them to avoid any tactic which might let the Republicans win the election?
May. 19th, 2012 05:04 pm (UTC)
That's the whole point about not having a genuine conservative on the ballot.

The campaign masterminds are stuck on the McCain strategy that worked so well in 2008. They run a ruthless campaign against Romney's Republican challengers but when it comes to Obama it's the kid glove treatment all over.

If "we the people" were campaign advisers the campaign would be totally different but then there would be no need for high-priced consultants.

Washington, New York, the beltway in general remain occupied by elitists who are detached from the American experience and think this is just a game.

That said, Romney must win or the American experience will be gone in the blink of an eye and "we the people" will be burdened with the need to be ever vigilent in our never-ending task of keeping our "representatives" feet to the fire.

I no longer believe we will survive and simply hope we put up a good fight and enough people of all races, colors, and creeds can be awakened to understand what they are throwing away.

And that the vast majority of the mainstream media are not their friends.
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