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scorn on the fourth of july


There is an open, widespread, in-your-face attempt to smear this country, its history and traditions, its values and the very legal documents on which it is based.

And it’s not coming from fringe “kooks”. It’s coming from the elites that control the organs of power, the press, and the educational system. And these are not very nice people. In fact, they are almost diabolical.

Which is why freedom of speech is so important. We get to hear what people are thinking and react if we wish. Unfortunately THESE PEOPLE want to shut up the rest of us ... or to intimidate us into agreeing with them ... or hiding our true beliefs for fear of reprisal.

Like they did to Chief Justice John Roberts 24/7 for 3 months.

This past week, when this so-called Constitutionalist originalist bowed down to threats, thuggery, and pressure reminiscent of the Franklin Roosevelt “court-packing scheme”, declared he would not follow the actual law but decided he had to “save” a monstrosity of a law and concocted an almost incoherent apology for the power grab that is ObamaCare.

And people are angry … because Chief Justice Roberts, fearful of the political, public, and media reaction to actually doing his job, worried that his “legacy” and the future of the Court would be destroyed, thrust a dagger into the very heart of the Constitution, the primary document designed to preserve our liberty and serve as a buffer against the tyranny of an over-reaching central government.

And so the left asks:

Is the Individual and All This Freedom Stuff All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Shredding  the Constitution

They want to pick and choose what applies and what the meaning of "is" is. Play with language. Bait and switch. Like ... let's make stopping at traffic lights optional and just require a "tax" if you don't agree to stop ... but those in power can exempt certain people from paying the "tax" if they so desire.

And protect certain people from prosecution ... by not enforcing the laws they disagree with.

See where this kind of thought is heading? Where you have a nation of "men" rather than a nation of laws?

Yep … you don’t have to go very far to hear these elites, this “protected ruling class” that fancies itself masters of our fate, argue that people had just better accept the fact that they can no longer make their own decisions … that they must get used to being controlled … in each and every aspect of their lives.

Because, you see, the documents that protect us from them, that acknowledges our rights are unalienable and God-given, is just a quaint remnant from the olden days when old, white, racist, rich men created a system of government designed to keep them rich and in control.

It’s enough, on this, Independence Day, remembering all the sacrifices made to make this the greatest nation the world has ever seen, it’s enough to make you cry … or puke.

But we won’t … although what is happening in this country makes us sick.

We won’t stop trying to stem this tide of tyranny from advancing further.

We won’t stop telling the truth.

We won’t stop exposing the lies and smears and confronting evil with the light of truth.

You know, what’s strange about all this is that these people who are so full of hatred for this country and its heritage will NEVER be satisfied … or happy.

Remember that. Look at them. Listen to their vitriol. There is absolutely nothing that would satisfy them … no matter how much wealth they accumulated by TAKING it from others, no big house, no fancy toys, no expensive vacations, no measure of power.

They could have all of that and it wouldn’t make them happy.

They couldn’t be happy unless everyone thought just like them … and they know that can never be because they don’t even know what they believe. It changes from situation to situation, dependent on who is exercising the power.

You have to be really delusional to see EVERYTHING you touch turn to crap and continue to think you have all the answers. Imagine having to look at yourself every day and say, “Boy did I screw that up again.”

Which is why they hate our founding documents … our Constitution, our checks and balances and separation of powers. They want it ALL.

Sorry crapweasels. Not if we can help it.

Game’s on and it’s time to amp it up.

And “Happy Independence Day!”

I hope we can celebrate next year too. In fact I think it could be the biggest blowout ever if "we the people" have our say in November.

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