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someone grab a net!


Did you hear his speech in Colorado today where he’s asking women for their vote in exchange for free birth control?

Think about it … in one breath he says it’s no one’s business to get involved in a woman’s decisions and then HE gets involved … by stomping all over the first amendment and dictating what private companies and religious institutions must provide free of charge.

And then there’s his stump speech about how his opponent wants to RAISE TAXES on the middle class to pay for tax cuts for the rich?

Have you ever heard anything so delusional? Obama really expects you to believe that someone who actually wants to cut taxes for everyone wants to raise them for everyone but the rich.

Which reminds me … get ready for all those taxes in ObamaCare getting ready to go into effect in the next year or so.

And the increase in the price of virtually everything there is because of his policies.

And of course there’s the absolutely disgraceful ad I talked about yesterday which even the left-wing Politico and CNN have exposed as a pack of lies. The disgusting ad where this man claims Mitt Romney is responsible for his wife’s death from cancer.

ABC, NBC and CBS have ignored the story and I suppose CNN is watching its viewership sinking so low it feels compelled to actually do a bit of random journalism from time-to-time.

You see the ad is totally bogus.

1) Romney was long gone from Bain when the man in the ad, Joe Soptic, lost his job at a steel mill Bain was trying to rescue from bankruptcy.

2) The man’s wife who tragically died from cancer about 6 years later actually HAD INSURANCE from her own job before she lost it after leaving.

3) To make matters worse, the Obama campaign is NOT disavowing the ad produced by an Obama SuperPac run by a former Obama press secretary, Bill Burton, but has claimed it knew nothing about the ad or Mr. Soptic.

Thanks to some decent investigation, we now learn that Mr. Soptic has told his story before for the Obama campaign as recently as May in an Obama for America (OfA) conference call and (hat-tip to Politico) there is video evidence that the SuperPac ad was produced at the same time as the OfA event.

To make it even more interesting, the spokesman who denied knowledge of Mr. Soptic’s story, Stephanie Cutter, actually INTRODUCED Sopticat the OfA event.

So here we have a potentially illegal collusion between the Obama campaign and an Obama SuperPac. Do you think the rest of the media will be interested?

Well … what do you expect with a media who watch the president running around the country spreading any lie he thinks necessary to hold onto the reins of power and snap their necks to look the other way while engaging in any negative spin on the news they can to roadblock the Romney campaign.

I mean, here’s Obama again today telling that same debunked story about his own mother and her deathbed fight against her insurance company who SUPPOSEDLY refused to pay for her hospitalization and medication because is was a “pre-existing condition”.

It too is a lie … and yet he keeps saying it.

Because he wants so desperately to win.

His mother’s insurance covered all her medical bills. It denied her additional disability pay because she already had cancer when she obtained the insurance. That’s the real truth.

But the media won’t call him on it because they want him to win too.

And so they allow him to exploit his own mother’s death to advance his political agenda. Like you, I’m sure, I’ve lost dear friends, relatives, and parents to devastating illness and disease. The idea that I could lie about their illnesses and deaths to benefit me well …

It’s enough to make you sick.


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