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Do you see why it's futile, virtually impossible trying to discuss issues with a liberal ... especially a Democrat?

As President Reagan so famously noted, “It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so.”

When you try to have a discussion with any liberal, without exception as I have found since graduate school many years ago, you spend the overwhelming majority of your time trying to educate them on the truth and debunking their so-called "facts".

You know ... like trying for 4 years to show them OBAMA cut Medicare and it's not the Republicans who want to "gut" it.

Anyway, here's the kind of exchange I've grown accustomed to whenever I'be been "engaged" by a leftist trying to convince me I'm wrong and he/she is right.

SEAN SPICER: Well, when you have a president that’s adding $5.2 trillion of new debt in the last three years, and a Democratic Senate that has not passed a budget in three years –

FINNEY: The Senate actually passed a budget two weeks ago.

SPICER: But that being said --

FINNEY: And the House couldn't pass -- you know.

SPICER: Wait. The Senate did what?

FINNEY: The Senate was actually able to get something passed and the House has rejected it.

SPICER: The Senate hasn't passed a budget in over three years.

FINNEY: That's actually not true but go ahead.

SPIER: Well, it may be your birthday but we can't give you free facts. Here’s the thing. Again, this goes back to do you want to be honest with people when you put a budget together and you -- lay it all out, it needs to be scored and you put the policies in it and so to minimize this and say okay, well, you know, gosh, you are put together thing can't you tell us right off the bat, you know, it is a very complicated deal, he’s put his plan out on the table. He actually passed a budget. And as Chairman of the Budget Committee.

FINNEY: Wait a second. Let's not -- let's not do, you know, revisionist history and mythological thinking here. Because the budget that was passed out of the House, some of the Republicans in the Senate didn't want to vote on, it is not just the Democrats had some problems with it. And you now have members of your party running away from their vote in support of that budget because it is so wildly unpopular and I want to actually talk about Medicare because that's obviously been -- part of this budget conversation and Politico reports today that the House Republicans are so jittery about the budget, the Ryan and -- budget, that John Boehner had to do a conference call to calm people's fears. So, really, you are going to hang your hat on the Ryan budget?

SPIER: Well there's two things that I find very interesting. One, the only reason we are talking about the Ryan budget is because it actually passed. It was a budget that passed. The president's budget went down 97 to 0 in the Senate and I don't think it did any better in the House. So when you talk about actually when -- when you talk about two different budgets, the only one that's passed anything is the one --

BLAH ... BLAH ... BLAH ... liberals are so funny. Even when caught dead-to-rights making an idiotic statement, they REFUSE to admit they were wrong and just double down on their idiocy.

Karen Finney might have just as well donned a dunce hat with "Dumbelle" written on it instead of trying to argue/defend her ridiculous claim.

Now ... when you repeat a liberal talking point, be advised you may appear to be as clueless as Karen Finney who, no doubt, feeds her brain with goobledygook from the land of liberal talking points.

And know it's true ... a FACT ... that Harry Reid's Democrat-controlled Senate has not passed a budget in three years. How do you think you get $6 TRILLION in deficit spending in only 4 years.

Incidentally, at $16 TRILLION in debt, that adds up to over $200,000 in shared debt for a family of 4. And that's in ADDITION to the taxes you pay to government.

Getting your money's worth?

How embarrassing! And disgraceful!


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