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happy 'empty stadium' day


A day after that disgraceful spectacle of Democrats booing God AND their thuggish leadership ignoring the "will of the people" to ram through an amendment putting Him back into their platform, their leader will accept the Party nomination in a smaller venue indoors.

The excuse is weather concerns but the main reason is they don't want people to see 40,000 to 50,000 empty seats in Bank America Stadium ... uhhh ... whatever made-up name they're using these days.

Happy Empty Stadium Day


Disgraced, impeached, disbarred former president and liberal icon Bill Clinton (as if anyone but the media and party elite care about Bill Clinton) laid the foundation why President Obama should be re-elected thusly:

1) Obama shouldn't be faulted for a disastrous 4 years and unfulfilled promises because things were really really bad and he meant well ... just didn't know how slow change can be.

In his typical long-winded, tortuous, but aw shucks engaging for about 10 minutes style, Clinton oddly failed to mention that things have gotten much much WORSE but ... hey, it's a propaganda speech.

2) We are at a crossroads and the "American people" have to decide what road they want to take:

a) freedom and self-government by Constitutional rule of law

b) a new improved government, bigger and more intrusive, that determines winners and losers and spreads "prosperity" to each according to how the ruling elite think it should be spread.

c) bi-partisanship (meaning Republicans should join the radicals on the left and forget their conservatiove/Constitutional principles)

That's basically it folks! But Clinton DID get one thing right in his rambling speech.

If Barack Obama is re-elected, 'YOU WILL FEEL IT!"

Right out of the "black-and-white" era of the 50s and 60s and, if truth be told, all the way back to the 19th Century and the guy who codified the democrat agenda - Karl Marx.

Look at all those empty seats and PRAY that the people who might have occupied them are seeing the reality which is right in front of us. Watch the YouTube</b> video I posted yesterday to see the chaos and face that is the Democrat Party ... the face the media refuses to report.

The more people see it, the angrier they will become ... especially when they discover it's being hidden from their eyes and ears purposely.

To the average American that has paid attention to the entire convention, it has been a FREAK SHOW. I mean, seriously ... free contraceptives, free abortion, amnesty for illegals, redistribution of wealth, war on the private sector, and to top it off serial liar and narcissist Bill Clinton, beloved by the media and other left-wingers, gives yet another never-ending self-aggrandizing speech while Obama is cooling his heels behind the curtain waiting his turn.

Or was he watching the Giants-Cowboys game like most of us who had the tube on?

The Democrat Party has lurched so far to the left that it would make presidents like FDR, Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt blush.

To THINK we have a Party hoping to cling to power by convincing women that they are entitled to free contraceptives and, if that doesn't work, free abortions ... and that people who morally object to the practices should be forced to pay for them anyway.

Almost 50 million households are getting food stamps and over 100 million Americans are being subsidized through welfare entitlements in one way or the other by taxpayers.
Americans are now on the hook for SIXTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS of debt and for what?

Democrat surrogates and their enablers in the media are looking you straight in the eyes and lying to your face about facts and issues that are not even debatable.

Like taking God out of the Democrat platform and FORCING it back in by ignoring their delegates.

It's barely mentioned in the media and Democrat spokespersons say there is no controversy and that the obvious rejection by voice vote was a 2/3 majority approval.

And then, to top it off, they compare Republicans to NAZIs!

EVEN A LIBERAL LIKE ANDERSON COOPER (politely) has confronted the likes of DNC spokesperson Debbie Wasserman Schuyltz, a professional shill who lies incessantly each and every day, saying she lives in an alternate universe ... and he's on her side!!!

She doesn't care! She doesn't admit being wrong. She doesn't apologize. She simply doubles down an continues to lie again, and again, and again ... it's her JOB.

These people, like baseball humorist Bob Uecker's famous line, are "just a little bit outside". They actually think some phoney performances and speeches will convince people that reality is not real.

Ask yourself if a basket of "freebies" is worth giving up your country, your Constitution, your traditions and you liberty. And educate yourself on the facts. And what it'd be like should this traveling "freak show" goes on the road for the next 4 years.

We have less than two months to stop this relentless authoritarian goose-stepping march to the left. I can't believe a majority of Americans would vote to dismantle the greatest country that has ever existed on the face of the Earth and empower a small group of radicals to construct their own "utopia".

Happy 'Empty Stadium' Day!

P.S. Oh, and watch how many times Obama says "God" and "Jerusalem" tonight.

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