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Sounds almost 1984ish, doesn't it?

Add this to the list of statements that unintentionally reveal the truth about where Obama and the left want to "nudge" us. Like:

1- "You didn't build that."

2- "I think when you 'spread the wealth' around, it's good for everybody."

3- Because our individual salvation depends on our 'collective salvation'."

4- "I would look at raising the capital-gains tax for purposes of fairness."

Got that last one? I've been quoting that one since Obama said it in response to a 2008 debate question whenever anyone repeats the bogus argument that Obama wants to "tax the rich" to create more "revenue" and "cut the deficit".

Again ... Obama slipped and revealed his true intention. To punish "the rich" (who aren't on his side), level the playing field, an redistribute wealth to those he deems deserving ... his constituency, government workers, unions, with the rest doled out to the rest of the entitlement "class" in sufficient amounts to keep them satisfied.

Obama is quietly and secretly, between the lines, selling progressive, Marxist, socialist, and yes fascist, centrally controlling big government philosophy ... and should be be re-elected he'll say "we the people" gave him the mandate to "fundamentally transform" America into his utopian dream.

It's all so clear when you understand his background, his life, his influences and his actions ... which is why the media IGNORED them in 2007-2008 and why they constantly try to hide and discredit information and facts today ... why they are constantly creating diversions and changing the subject.

Notice all these constant attempts to divide and classify us by age, sex, race, religion, occupation, income, ethnicity, participation in public v. private sector, and CLASS.
Why? Because it has always worked ... it's the same strategy I've seen since I first became aware of politics as a child when my dad and mom explained to me: "The Democrats are for the poor people and Republicans for the rich."

I later learned it wasn't quite that simple ... as did my dad too late.

Yes, these ideas and strategies are not new, and any casual student of history and philosophy can tell you where they come from ... and how disastrous they've been to this world.
And in order for them to be effective, a series of fables and myths have to be created and repeated ad nauseum until they sink into the collective consciousness:

1- "Tax cuts for the rich." (even though they're not)

2- "Pay their fair share." (even though they are paying more than their 'fair share')

3- "Romney wanted GM to go "bankrupt." ( even though 'he' only wanted GM to reorganize and under Obama GM actually DID have to 'go bankrupt'

4- "Obama 'saved' GM and it is roaring back and has been paying back its loans." (No, Obama saved the UAW and stiffed shareholders, bondholders, non-union workers and others while GM will never be able to pay back the American people the tens of billions of dollars it still owes.

Not to mention plummeting stock prices and the abandonment of the billion dollar electric VOLT and the outsourcing of new jobs and plants to ... CHINA!

5- "They want to take away your 'right' to birth control and abortions." (even though they only want people who have moral objections (like Muslims?) to be exempted from having to participate

6- "We're importing less oil and drilling more now than ever." (Because of private leases approved before Obama began shutting down government leases, the economy (here and globally) tanked and people have had to drive less because the price of gas has DOUBLED since Obama took office)

7- "We've added millions of 'new' jobs." (But we've lost more as more people have stopped looking and there are fewer men working as a percentage since 1948!

You see ... when you actually know the FACTS the talking points dissolve right before you. Unfortunately, the Democrat machine and their enablers in the media don't explain and "fact check" like they do whenever a Republican makes a statement ... regardless of how true it is.

They depend on people NOT learning the facts for themselves and creating diversions like these to confuse and obfuscate from what is really happening and what they really plan on doing.

And should this "counter revolution' be successful ... should a majority of Americans turn away from the blessings of liberty, from this grand experiment in self-governance, serious scholars will look back at what was said and done and marvel that so many people were so clueless, so easily manipulated, so self-serving, so naive, so willing to surrender their freedom, and that their 'leaders' were so misguided, so clownish, and so ruthless in their grab for power.

There were such serious stakes involved, they'll say ... and they threw it away for cell phones, food stamps, a government check and a lousy bureaucrat-controlled health system (for the masses) ... while a ruling elite and their army of government workers and crony capitalist buddies lived high while overseeing a stagnant crumbling economy ... what were they thinking?

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