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bloody murder!


No ... the disgraceful liberals media are screaming 'bloody murder' because Mitt Romney dared criticize the Obama administration for disgracing the American people in it's handling of the the attacks and murders in U.S. embassies in Egypt and Libya.

The family and friends of the slain (no they didn't "lay down their lives") must be so heartened by the actions and words of their President and Secretary of State. Imagine having to look at those horrible pictures of your loved ones ... but look we must to understand the essence of this brutality.

It took the administration 16 hours to disavow the series of tweets by the embassy in Egypt apologizing to the perpetrators and then doubling down on them when they began to be criticized.

Instead of examining the events that have lead up to these brutal attacks and why it was allowed to happen the media are absolutely hell-bent in their efforts to deflect attention from Obama (who's off to Las Vegas to fund raise and rant about Republicans and the evil rich) and onto Romney who did nothing but show leadership by standing up for American values and the American people.

Here's a question the media could ask: "Are the Muslim Brotherhod and al Qaeda better off today than they were 4 years ago?

Remember how we warned about things like this back when everyone was so giddy and silly about the so-called "Arab spring" and the imagined spread of democracy in the middle East?

How in God's name could it have been so plain to so many of us while so many seemed to be sleepwalking and oblivious to the obvious dangers to come which were right before their eyes. Oh, the Muslim Brotherhood was supposed to have little to no real influence or impact. Just a reformed secular shadow of its former terrorist self.

Are we surrounded by experts who are card-carrying morons?

And oh, how the liberals laughed and cheered with glee when Muammar Gaddafi was caught, brutalized, sodomized, shot like a dog, and dragged around for all to see. How a former ally, Hosni Mubarak, was so unceremoniously thrown under the bus. How quickly did Israel become an unwanted stepchild ... being booed and belittled at the Democrat convention to cap it off.

You get to see an entirely different side of liberalism when THEY are in charge ... don't you?

And what about how Obama, Biden, the Democrats and the media have strutted, boasted and joked about the killing of Osama bin Laden ... "spiking the football" and claiming credit to themselves? ... and now the spectacle of Islamic extremists shouting, "Obama, Obama, there are a billion Osamas" outside our embassies.

Again ... we warned about a reckoning day to come from the disgraceful barrage of sensitive information regarding the operation, who did it and how. And remember how 20 SEALs, all but 2 from SEAL team 6 that conducted the bin Laden operation, were killed along with 11 others when their helicopter was shot down by the Taliban a few months after the bin Laden raid.

And now this ... on the day commemorating 9-11.

Government officials are reportedly trying to determine if the attacks on our embassies were coordinated and had anything to do with 9-11 ... DUH! I have another question for the government. What was our ambassador doing in a hell-hole like Benghazi in the first place?

For the sake of the future of this country we HAVE to get rid of this regime come November.

With fluency and leaving absolutely no doubt.

Or have half of the people in this country gone stark raving bloody mad!

Yeah, I know ... most people don't want their sensitive little eyes and ears exposed to such realities. Hope and Change and yes we can and four more years are enough for many of you as long as the entitlements keep coming.

You know, as the civilized world crumbles and America continues its quickening slide, maybe ... if we close our eyes and pretend real hard that this is just a movie, maybe we'll wake up and everything will be just peachy ... maybe it'll all just go away.

Yeah ... maybe if the media just didn't report anything bad. You know what they say and believe ... if they didn't report it it didn't happen.

And if people like me dare to tell you ... well, it's just 'noise' ... isn't it?


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Sep. 13th, 2012 12:53 pm (UTC)
It's posts like this that make me think the attack was done by Lebanese and/or Gaddafi loyalist provocateurs to discredit the Arab Spring, or at least cut off support for revolutions in the west. Too bad for them, if things in Syria go to plan, it will be for naught.
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