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I went went a few people to see the now second-grossing documentary of all time, 2016: Obama's America by historian and filmaker Dinesh D'Souza.

It was well-measured and covered quite a bit of verifiable facts about Obama's past and upbringing. I have been familiar with most of it for years (since the 2004 Democrat convention) but there were some things I didn't know and some things I was seeing actual proof for the first time.

Favorite part? There were many but the funniest one was when D'Souza recreated a conversation with a young college liberal when he first came to America telling him how "cool" and "interesting" India was and how he wanted so much to visit there.

D'Souza looked at him like he was crazy and asked him what was so cool and interesting - the caste system? arranged marriages? being forced to stay in your place and never be allowed to rise above certain levels because of your family, history and social status?

It was EXACTLY the kind of naive and insipid conversations from liberals I remember in college - and I was fairly liberal in the classical sense. It demonstrated to me early on that this neo-liberalism was anything but.

Anyway, a friend who once supported Obama after Ron Paul, an avowed "libertarian" he thought, had his eyes opened. He commented (after watching the film and being stunned at what he didn't know) asked me if I thought it'd help for more Obama supporters among his friends to be exposed to he film or to have a rational discussion of the issues in the film to make them aware of how much they don't know about his past and how it ties into his policies and worldview.

To which I replied, "No ... you can't convince a parrot it's not a moonbat."

But, I noted, isn't it ironic that these people would actually AGREE with the portrayal of Obama's assessment of the United States as the SOURCE of oppression as an imperialist power stealing wealth and resources from other countries, enriching the United States and impoverishing others.

Which reveals the absolute irrationality of the left and their assorted drones who simply repeat talking points and bumper stickers slogans.

Do you understand?

They could watch this film and AGREE with what it says, with what Obama's family and associates describe about him, the worldview of his mother and father, his "friends" and associates, his mentors but then they CONDEMN the film as being 'right-wing" propaganda and engage in a campaign to suppress viewership and attack the message of the film.

All perfectly predictable as seen in the constant behavior of the liberal media and its punditry in their advancement of socialist, fascist, Marxist, authoritarian ideas while mocking and attempting to discredit and destroy anyone who calls them a socialist, Marxist, fascist and/or authoritarian.

We are currently in a most perilous period with 10s of millions of people totally oblivious to what is going on around them and 10s of thousands of radical left-wing activists from the halls of government to the street agitator committed to one thing ... deconstruct the fabric and framework of what constitutes America and "fundamentally transforming" it into their utopian vision ... and by whatever means necessary.

Convince these people that they should educate themselves as to the truth?

Convince their "useful idiots" that voting for centralized control of their lives is a recipe for disaster ... that they and their children and their grandchildren will pay a monstrous price.

Like I tell my friends and family who are interested in what's happening ... you can talk to individuals on a one-to-one basis but start by seeing how much they actually know about government, politics, history and current events.

THEN, as you offer them undeniable facts about what is happening, observe their response.
For example, ask them if they know what a trillion dollars is.

Ask them about the three branches of government and the constitution.

Find out what they know about the most basic elements of te American Story.

Then point out some of the things Obama said in 2008 and what he has done as president.
If they make excuses and defend him in knee-jerk reaction tell them to go vote for Obama and the democrats and try to have a good life.


Find someone who is curious an wants to make sense about what they're seeing and help them educate themselves and make sure they are registered to vote! But DON'T waste your time with a drone or true believer because THEY HEAR AND SEE NOTHING!

If ANYONE does not know or in unconcerned about what is at stake after almost 4 years of this disastrous presidency and is COMMITTED to putting Obama back into office, they are gone.

And God help America and our future children if there are more of them than there are of us.
WE are gone!

And oh, how the wailing and gnashing of teeth will echo across this great land!

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