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'oooooo .... last night' - the mar-keys


See what happens when you stand up for the truth and speak substance over style?

I Pick Winners ... How About you?

Or go here for some great (I think) early 60s music:


Back in 2008, when Mitt Romney dropped out of the race, he gave a speech about which I noted, "Where have you been? If you spoke like that during the campaign you'd be the nominee."

I even did a post called metaphorsbwithu for president in which I gave unprepared over-the-top answers to debate questions as they were asked during a debate ... the type of answers Americans respond to and believe in their hearts.

Last night Romney did that ... and he walked all over the clueless and befuddled Barack Obama ... a man who has been protected and covered for and has NEVER had to answer a tough question.

Libralism, progressivism, Marxism, Socialism, statism can NEVER stand up to intelligent discussion in the arena of ideas.

LAST NIGHT ... it was all out in the open for all with eyes to see ... and all with ears to hear ... and brains to understand.

Barack Obama is an ideologue, and a narcissist, who despises what is best about this country ... and it showed last night ... as well as how he is incapable of defending that ideology and the destruction he has brought about with the protection of a slavish media.

Liberals are in denial today in their rationalizing about what happened last night, blaming everything from the altitude to debate preparation to the moderator who did all he could to keep Obama in the game.

We saw first hand, last night, as I have said so many times, "The Emperor Has No Clothes".

He's an empty suit ... an empty chair ... he can only get away with his outrageous claims using pre-prepared scripts and teleprompters. He has a RECORD and cannot defend it ... in fact, he cannot believe someone he considers so inferior as Mitt Romney would dare bring it up.

Everything you have been taught about liberalism is wrong and cannot be defended in the arena of ideas. Freedom works. Truth always wins out.

You cannot, as Romney said to Obama's face after he kept accusing Romney of wanting to cut taxes by $5 trillion for the rich, citing his own "five boys" who tried to get over him, keep repeating a lie and hoping people will think it's true. Did you see that?

Last Night!

Let's dance!


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Oct. 4th, 2012 05:37 pm (UTC)
Last night Romney did that ... and he walked all over the clueless and befuddled Barack Obama ... a man who has been protected and covered for and has NEVER had to answer a tough question.

Exactly. All through his career, Obama has had success handed to him because of his presumed identity rather than his own efforts. Even in the 2008 election, his opponents held back against him, and turned on Sarah Palin when she dared to challenge his credentials.

Now, for the first time in his life, he's being challenged to his face. And he's clueless: he knows neither how to defend himself nor how to mount an attack credible to anyone save his own committed supporters -- who would vote for him anyway.
Oct. 4th, 2012 08:06 pm (UTC)
Love that sound - that first couple seconds when the needle hits the record and the crackle as it starts into the recording.

Nice record, too. I wish I had a turntable that worked to record some of my few remaining records.

I won't bother with the rest of this. The parts I agree with you will dismiss. The parts I don't you will just ignore or complain about.

The election is coming. Hope we are both prepared for the results.
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