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72 to 20!


That's how badly Mitt Romney beat the pants off a smirking, stumbling, bufoon-ish and befuddled Barack Obama in last Wednesday's debate.

The only question should be ... who are in the 20% who actually claimed they thought Obama won the debate?


1) they're delusional or lying
2) they didn't see the debate

And the left-wing is in absolute guano-crazy meltdown mode in a kind of collective cognitive dissonance in which, instead of admitting Romney took Obama and his record apart like a world-class surgeon (while appearing totally LIKABLE throughout the dissection), they are consumed with making excuse after excuse for Obama's disastrous performance.

The actual explanation is simple:

1) For the first time in his entire life of being coddled, praised, and protected, Barack Obama did not have the protection on the entire mainstream media to edit his words, hide his record, and spin his falsehoods.

2) Obama's record is indefensible.

3) The guy they wanted to run against, Mitt Romney, is proving to be articulate, intelligent, down-to-Earth, compassionate, and possessing of actual LEADERSHIP skills.

I wasn't a big Romney fan in the beginning, and I still think he tends to move too far in the direction of the radical left, but he's actually becoming more and more Reaganesque right before out eyes.

And all the while Obama keeps getting smaller and smaller and more petty and vicious ... more obviously the radical, slippery, thuggish, Chicago-machine-type politician so many of us knew he was from the beginning.

And someone who so obviously hates people who are successful on their own ... a man who has a chip on his shoulder about the foundational principles, traditions, and make-up of our people ... at least those who still believe in limited, constitutional government, individualism, and freedom.

It's gotten so bad and hateful out there that a black actress, Stacey Dash, can express support for a moderate conservative like Mitt Romney and have social networking sites explode in hateful attacks. Miss dash has been absolutely excoriated by the "not-so-tolerant" liberals among us who have been threatening her and calling her every disgusting, bigoted, racist, misogynist name in the book.

Check out some disgusting sample tweets:


Which is par for the course ... as I've alluded to many times before.

Say almost anything that doesn't conform to the "religion" of liberalism and you are mocked, attacked and riducled, cut off, smeared, and threatened ... in many cases relegated to outcast status by a wide assortment of liberals ... which can range from teachers, co-workers, acquaintances, to businesses, politicians and bureaucrats.

Say anything publicly that might cause embarrassment to the left and live in fear that you might lose your job, be audited by the IRS, have your car vandalized, or physically harmed.

Liberalism ... quite a record, and quite a sordid collection of unpleasantness, huh?

Which make you wonder how many people only say they support this president for fear they may be targeted.

I guess we'll find out in a few weeks.



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