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There was a time when someone like Crowley would be in danger of losing her career for her outrageous behavior and performance as moderator of the second Romney/Obama debate.

Look, as everyone knows, any conservative or Republican who agrees to be interviewed or participate in one of these debates expects to have the deck stacked against him or her.
The trick is to USE this obvious bias against you, state your case, and allow thinking people to understand what's going on.

As I said yesterday, all Obama had to do was basically show up and act aggressive and the media would swoon and declare him the winner ... the "Comeback kid" ... and that's just what happened.

He got caught in lie after lied, had the help of a liberal moderator hell-bent on attacking Romney and helping Obama ... and the 60 million viewers who watched the debate saw it.

The pundits KNOW Obama was lying and that the moderator was wrong in defending Obama, but are saying Obama won "on points" anyway because Romney could have said this or that but didn't or that Obama "took it to Romney". The problem in talking to leftists like Obama is that you simply cannot take the time to dispute the avalanche of misinformation they spew. You HAVE to pick your spots in set your opponent up by having them put themselves "on the record".

LOOK! We ALL know what the issue is regarding the terrorist attack on the Benghazi consulate and the murder of four Americans. For God's sake, I wrote about it for two weeks.

1. Obama, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Jay Carney, David Axelrod, and the entire Obama administration DENIED the attack was a planned terrrorist attack coordinated to be executed on the 11th Anniversary of 9/11 but claimed it was a spontaneous act emerging from a protest over an obscure YouTube video about Mohammad.

2. Obama REPEATED that claim before the United Nations, on The View, on David Letterman, and all across the mainstream media and campaign trail.

3. In talking about the attacks the next day Obama highlighted the brave Americans serving on foreign soil, repeated the "It was an offense against Islam" claim that it was the cause of these inexcusable attacks, and he made a generic reference to "acts of terrorism" that were separate from the Benghazi attack he clearly blamed on the YouTube video.

4. The State Department under Hillary Clinton repeated that claim until, finally, almost two weeks later, the administration finally admitted it had nothing to do with the video but that it was a pre-planned terrorist attack.


Romney was right and Obama, with the help of his facilitator, Candy Crowley, was lying.

And Crowley KNEW it because as far back as September 30 she confronted David Axelrod on his bogus claim that Obama had always referred to it as an "act of terror".

On CNN's "State of the Union", Crowley refuted Axelrod's claim that Obama's called the Benghazi attack "an act of terror" on the day after.

"First, they said it was not planned, it was part of this tape," Crowley said when Axelrod tried to spin her."

From CNN:


Candy Crowley KNEW the truth but lied anyway ... and is walking it back now but she accomplished (she thought) what she wanted. In truth, she has hurt Obama more than she (temporarily) helped him by highlighting was the REAL truth is.

Romney could have been more aggressive and called him out for it (and he is being criticized for it) but I think him being more cautious, not going for the jugular, and allowing Obama to "save face" will work to his advantage.

Obama is now "on the record".

The truth will come out ... and people will and should be angry that they were lied to. Including you.

You were scammed and lied to in 2008.

You have been lied to for almost four years.

You were blatantly lied to last night, about Benghazi - and a host of issues like immigration, oil drilling, gas prices, women's wages, Planned Parenthood, taxes, spending cuts ... all covered by a liberal moderator who kept throwing Obama lifelines and cutting off his opponent when he began making points that were too tough to defend.

And all without Obama giving ANY idea about what he's going to do over the next four years!

As usual, the media expect you to believe them and not your "lying eyes and ears". They hope you fall for the caricatures, the cliches, the straw man arguments ... the Romney hates women and little children and wants to put people he detests in chains ... the people liberals are always trying to convince are victims.

Because they really think that you are really stupid ... and that they are so smart.
They aren't, and neither are you.

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