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The circle of liberty just got smaller ... and the American people voted for it to be so.

We are all basically subjects now, as the Constitutional principles unalienable rights, individualism, property rights, limited government and self-rule have been tossed aside.

Yep ... we just threw it all away, mocking truth, goodness and honor while embracing deceit and the yoke of tyranny. Just as we feared.

It's official now. There is absolutely nothing some people cannot get away with because a majority of people either don't care or have become too stupid and selfish to think clearly and objectively about what is around them.

This was not a hard choice given the absolute disaster this president has been over four years. It should have been a landslide repudiation, even given the usual democrat shenanigans with voter fraud and early voting.

This transformation tells us less about the elites who engineered this march to tyranny, the fraudsters and political hacks, for we always knew they were around, but of the character of the American people who have given these "masterminds" virtual carte blanche to do with us as they would.

I'm just being honest ... a quaint old quality that no longer matters in a time of spin and obfuscation.

The majority have spoken. They no longer want to endure the responsibility of living up to the ideals and morality embodied in the gift of liberty passed down to us, having been protected and fought for for generations. The tyranny of the majority is here ... with no protection from our Constitution - we are now subject to the whims and dictates of men who are hell-bent on making it harder and harder to throw off our chains.

This is now a different America with different Americans. We have some buffer in our states, but it is a matter of time before the president and his bureaucracy begin to chip away at our (until now) Constitutionally protected rights.

Someone asked me how it is possible that so many people could not see the truth of what is happening in this country. I told her to remember what I've been saying for years now - the same people who were blind, ignorant, naive, or just plain stupid enough (some well-intentioned) to open this Pandora's Box in the first place are still around in enough numbers to offset the millions who have come to their senses.

And they have convinced more to ignore the reality around them and join their cult.

It's quite simple, really. Mind bogglingly simple.

Just keep repeating the same inane narrative over and over and over without shame, no matter how many times it is shown to be untrue, with the help of an overwhelming information machine, and the people who have no true understanding of history and current events will fall for it ... and especially the takers among us.

We just had the absolute dirtiest, most deceitful, most juvenile and embarrassing campaign in American history and it worked. Exit polls showed 64% of voters said Obama's 2 hour photo-op in New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy influenced their vote!

We have to face it.

The tipping point has arrived, just as the critics of democracy like Alexis de'Tocqueville predicted almost 200 years ago. I suppose it was naive to think that people would come to their senses, that this grinding march toward authoritarianism could be stopped, that people would hear the wisdom and heed the warnings of our founders but, for God's sake, just think about what you see and hear from people around you each and every day.

We're in new territory folks. America is no more and as people will soon be finding out - she ain't coming back.

We just threw it all away ... and for what? And the funny thing is, the people who supported this travesty are dancing and singing now but when they wake up to reality they'll be just as miserable as ever. Just as they have been from 2009 until now.

But do we who care a favor ... when you talk of things like beauty and truth and honor to your students, to your children, to future generations ... do so when we're not around. You really insult our intelligence ... talking about things you don't believe in this way ... not that that matters to you, but our reactions might be a little upsetting to the targets of that garbage you're spewing.

As if the deranged world they're being led into won't be upsetting enough.

Goodbye, America. It was wonderful while it lasted. And mom, dad, and all you who sacrificed so much ... I am so sorry. Don't worry about me. You know how I am. I have been prepared and can take care of myself. I'm just so glad you're not here to see what's become of the rest of us, what will happen to the little ones.

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