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Imagine you are applying for a promotion at your job and the choice boils down to you and another person.

You don't get it and you discover that the other person smeared your name and reputation by telling lies about you ... oh, say, that you do drugs or have a history of stealing or that you beat your kids or that you tortured small animals as a child or tha+your mother is a crack whore.
Then after losing the job your adversary wants to "start all over' and be pals and have a cordial relationship.

That's what the left wants to do now after winning the election through months of the most despicable lies about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan - who happen top be very decent men who would have done so much to get this country off the cliff.

Isn't it funny that the winners of this election are the ones whining and howling the most.

Sure there is some second-guessing on the Republican side but that is nothing new. For FIVE YEARS I have been explaining what is wrong with the Republican party and it is NOT the narrative that is painted about it by the left.

1) We have simply reached the "tipping point" in this country where the takers outnumber the givers. And you KNOW it's true because liberals SCREAM bloody murder when you mention that.

2) Republicans STILL think that they have to be "moderate" to capture the center and take pains to avoid contrasting their values with those of the radical left which has taken over the Democrat party. Notice how the Constitution, the ObamaCare mandate, Islamic extremism, the Arab Spring debacle, Fast and Furious, Green scandals, etc. were barely mentioned?

3) The media and the Democrat Party have for decades engaged in a relentless propaganda campaign to define conservatives as racist bigots who want poor people to die.

Unfortunately, and let me speak plainly, there are enough uninformed and ignorant people in this country who have been suckered into looking to the Democrat party for freebies to join the small minority of true radical ideologues to assume the reins of power.

Things are going to start getting very bad and very soon ... and these people will be getting exactly what they deserve.

But for now the liberals are whining and trying to cover their butts for what they have done and are desperately trying to convince Republicans that, in order to remain relevant, they need to become liberals.

Can you imagine that? Liberals trying to help Republicans and giving them advice?
They KNOW Romney lost because, despite being far more qualified than Obama who has been a disaster, because they portrayed him as a demon and an extremist while he turned off a large portion of his own base by being a typical New England moderate/liberal republican.

Don't get me wrong ... Romney would have been infinitely better than Obama but he is not a true conservative by any measure. He is the moderate the Republican strategists always THINK can win ... like Ford, Dole, George H.W. Bush & John McCain.

Hey, guys! You CANNOT get minorities, women, gays, and the poor to vote for you by pandering to them. The Democrat tent is not "diverse" and "inclusive" because of Democrat "values", if it were Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and its many other fringe groups would be turned away by their extreme positions. It is diverse because the Democrat Party stands for freebies.

Another 4 years wasted and that same lesson has to be taught yet again. Will it ever be learned? Probably not.

And "America" will be the worse for it.

But if you voted for Obama YOUR life will be the worst affected of all.

And frankly, sad to say, you deserve it.


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