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'balance' ... such a charming concept


They'll NEVER come here to explain it or defend it so allow me:

1) President Obama says he wants to "give" 98% of you a "tax cut".
That's LIE #1

There is no "tax cut" ... he wants to keep the Bush tax rates as they are.

2) He says he wants to raise taxes on "the rich" to help pay off the deficit.
That's LIE # 2

We have annual deficits of between $1.2 and $1.6 TRILLION and the taxes he wants to raise on those 'rich people" people who actually create jobs will theoretically pay for about 1 week of government spending.

3) Obama says Americans want a "balanced" (there's that word liberals love) approach as he does including spending cuts and tax increases (but not on them).

That's LIE # 3

There are NO spending "cuts", he wants to put that discussion off until later and his definition of "cut" is slightly lower rates of increases 10 to 12 years down the road which, of course, will never happen.

I just heard Nancy Pelosi say the Democrats have offered $1.5 trillion in "cuts". Another lie. Democrats lie with such shameless calm and ease. Only in Washington D.C. can politicians get away with verbal gymnastics like this.

There are no TAX CUTS!

There are no SPENDING CUT!

Demagogues like these depend on you being ignorant and clueless ... or not paying attention to what they are saying!

Guess what?

At the tick of the clock at midnight on December 31 the circle of freedom will tighten and become even smaller.

ObamaCare taxes will start going into effect affecting everyone.

The Obama bureaucracy is spitting out new regulations at a record pace that will suffocate businesses and individuals alike.

Did you hear what has happened in Britain? Two-thirds of its millionaires have FLED the country due to onerous taxation. France should be right behind.

Government continues to grow bigger and more intrusive and to move deeper and deeper into your life ... because more and more people want STUFF for FREE.

Your life and your property belong to the State.

You get to do and to keep what the government allows you to keep. Unless you aren't a producer and the government will give you more than you deserve and more than your neighbor who is subsidizing you has.

What they think you need and/or deserve.

Get ready for the great "balancing" act.

It's coming soon ... and you actually asked for it ... almost begged for it.


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