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You know ... like what I've been saying over and over about Obama since 2008? When he said in a debate that increases in taxes was NOT about increasing revenue but aboout fairness? You know ... soak the rich just because they don't "need" all that money?

Guess what, friends!

Now that the election is over, all those massive tax increases and regulations that were hidden and delayed until after the election will start to take hold and YOU will start to feel the real pain.

That's not even accounting for the so-called fiscal cliff that has been orchestrated and used by Obama and the Dems - for two reasons:

1) To try yet again to destroy the Republican Party and/or force them into abandoning their slim hold on conservative principles.

2) To distract people's attention away from the cause of the real pain they will begin to feel and those responsible for it - Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, harry Reid and heir Democrat minions.
Lets make this simple and clear.

There are NO tax cuts coiming for anyone.

In fact, those "tax cuts for the rich" under Bush overwhelmingly favored the meddle class. And guess who voted almost 100% AGAINST your tax cuts in 2003?

The DEMOCRATS! The Democrats voted AGAINST your current tax rate.

But NOW the Democrats want you to believe the Republicans who PASSED them want to take them away fom you and THEY want to "give you" a tax cut!

It's 1984 doublespeak folks, and the media are helping them advance that propaganda.

In fact, THEY ... the DEMOCRATS ... they have a trillion dollars in new taxes which will be paid or passed down to YOU in the coming years.

No wonder they are hellbent on going over the fiscal cliff so they can use it against Republicans and conservatives for political purposes.

Unfortunately, talking about FACTS with a liberal is like talking to a stone wall.

I was just talking to a few people the other day and one guy's mother (he works in government) was saying how they NEED that raise Obama just gae them because - get this- the price of gas, health insurance, groceries, etc. are going up!

I said, please someone give me a violin to play some sympathic music! Are you kidding me? And WHO is responsible for almost all of this?

When I tried to explain some of what is happening with spending, deficits, debt, taxes, etc. she would not be persuaded. It was "Nuh, uh" this and "That's not true" that! Uh, "Uh huh!"

Want to guess how many mind-numbing talking points I had to endure ... how Obama "inheruited" this mess, how he saved us from a depression, how it was all Bush's fault?

I mean, what can you do with someone who actually thinks the Republicans want to raise HER taxes to give a tax cut to rich people? Who REFUSES to believe that the Republiucans already gave her a tax cut (and want to make it permanent) and the Democrats voted against it?

It is absolutely impossible to get through to these people!

But what else is new? I've been going through this with liberals since the eighties. They cannot accept the most basic fact or admit they're wrong about anything no matter how great the evidence!

Unfortunately, we have a president and party that will say and do anything to get their way and an opposition party either incapable or unwilling (scared to death) to confront them with the truth and expose the charade to the American people.

It's so simple a problem any intelligent person in the private sector could address it and put solutions into motion in a 30 minute meeting BUT ...

we are dealing with POLITCIANS and people either to disinterested, too dumbed-down, or to stuck to their ideology to address the real issues.

SIX TRILLION DOLLARS in borrowed spending over 4 years, a debt approaching $16.5 trillion, and Obama and the Democrats want to take even more money out of the private sector and grow government even more ... and then blame conservatives when things go to Hell. And for WHAT? To reward their friends and funnel money back into their campaigns.

In France even the liberals/socialists are realizing enough is enough and that confiscating even more money from the producers won't work.

But in America? Well, now the narrative is to blame angry, old white men for everything, to stir up hate and resentment, to divide and conquer.

I so hope you're enjoying the little utopian nightmare you've created for yourselves ... but as for me ... I've been making preparations so, as they say, include me out.

"Who is John Galt?"

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