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the seeds of tyranny are sprouting


I spoke of this point two years ago when we first learned about Obama's scheme to sell thousands of weapons to drug cartels in the operation known as Fast and Furious.

To those who pay attention, Obama had been making statements about gun control and the influx of illegal weapons into Mexico in the first year of his presidency when lo and behold we discover his administration had been involved in SELLING weapons through straw purchasers to Mexican drug cartels.

The media did everything to first suppress and then to excuse this "botched" operation when it was learned hundreds of Mexicans and a U.S. border agent, Brian Terry, were killed in incidents in which these weapons were used.

I said it then and I stand by it now ... the operation was designed to give credence to the claims that Mexican gun homicides were largely attributed to America weapons "smuggled" into Mexico and the need for more stringent gun control (Gun control and the dismantling of the Second Amendment have been a goal of liberals and the left for decades).

So much for that scheme until the horrendous mass killings in Connecticut and the "fast and furious" race to enact more gun control.

THIS is what we have come to expect under Obama and it will only get worse as he grabs for more and more power and is cheered on by his Democrat Party and their psychphants in the media.

It is exactly according to the leftist playbook.

Marginalize, demonize and destroy your critics and opponents. If they object to your 'common sense" policies, accuse them of being unreasonable. If they want to protect Constitutional rights, say they want little children dead. If they support self-defense, say they support violence.

Create bogus issues, encourage emotional, frenzied reactions, pit one group against another, pound and pound away using misinformation, obfuscation, propaganda, and outright lies to advance your narrative, cram, force and strong-arm your way with the help of the media wear down the people until they ... surrender ... give up.

They are relentless. Whip the people into a frenzy or wear them down with endless fear mongering and guilt trips untle they give up and say, "Okay! Whatever!"

These people have their gameplan down ... from the 24/7 bombardment of rhetoric to the use of little children as props, pawns, and shields to get their way.

Shameless ... and such tactics have a long history.

Go back to the 30's and 40's and see the similarities to what is happening now as far as tactics.

The left never changes - they simply dress up their message a little more slickly.

"If only one child can be saved ... " - what BS! Over 300,000 innocent unborn slaughtered every year by Planned Parenthood alone, a president who basically voted three times for infanticide, CAFE standards resulting in thousands of automobile deaths, massive skyrocketing debt which those little children who will surround Obama tomorrow will be responsible for ... "if only one child ..."

Obama - the master manipulator and his blind, deaf and dumb followers. Obama and the cult of personality. Obama who has never accomplished anything in his life except get elected to office supposedly knows how to fix everything.

Skyrocketing debt and his solution is to borrow and spend more. Chaos and fear and depression and division and unemployment everywhere and he gets re-elected. How?
He's a cult figure. No other rational reason.

Look at the chaos and destruction this man has been responsible for ... and he is now (he thinks) unfettered - he's just getting stared.

And now he's going to surround himself with little children to tug at your heart strings to get his way and chip away more and more at the Constitution, the separation of powers, and to further advance his lurch toward a true imperial presidency.

Nothing Gov. Cuomo forced down the throats of New York citizens today would have done anything to prevent what happened in Newtown. But THEY DON'T CARE! No debate. No discussion. just rant and rave and stomp your feet like a tin-horn dictator and ram it through.

Never let a crisis (or tragedy) go to waste ... and move as quickly as possible.

I am so sick and tired of these demagogues.

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