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my time machine


The air in my home seems so much sweeter tonight.

The centerpiece is my ROTEL RX-602 solid state 50 watt per channel tuner/receiver which has been out of commission since Katrina. I've had it for 38 years now and it's back to the pure effortless efficient and sweet sound I used to know ... and I am so happy about that.

You rarely see used ones on the vintage market because, I imagine, anyone who has had one would be in no hurry to let it go. My first experiences with buying stereo equipment did not revolve around names and pricey equipment but in what I heard and what I felt was solid value.

So my house is again filled with the same perfect clear sounds I experienced so many years ago ... and I am working with a pair of speakers that were also heavily damaged and temporarily repaired them using the cheap quick-and-dirty tricks I used as a kid to resurrect old speakers from the dead - although I do have one defective midrange speaker that needs replacing - except they don't make the original anymore.

It started with getting a new belt for my turntable to make sure it was working, than a new stylus, then putting my receiver into the hands of someone who's been at modest location for about the same time I've owned this equipment and who loves and appreciates vintage equipment and was excited about bring my RX-602 back to life.

And so, after picking it up earlier tonight:

The Sound of Vinyl IS Heard in Metaphorsbwithu's Home


My Rotel RX-602 Has been Awakened

Rotel RX602

From audioasylum.com on the Rotel RX-602: "Relaxed yet refined 50 watts-per-channel of m.o.s.f.e.t. warmth coupled with expansive soundstage, offering an inexpensive replication of high-end tube performance; two phono preamps, two aux inputs, audiophile/dx quality f.m. section, hi-fi a.m. reception of local stations; amp-preamp sections can be separated for added flexibility; excels with classical & classic-n-modern jazz.

And wait until I get to a complete renovation of my speakers. For now, I have an operating system and that is good enough even if I don't tweak it any more.

And what can I say more than I already have in years past about playing vinyl?

Records draw you in and demand your attention.

No pressing a button to skip tracks. You sift through your collection and examine the jacket. Pull out the album and carefully wipe away any collected dust. Albums demand your attention and since you have to be so delicate with them you appreciate them more. Give them more respect. It's not like you can just burn a new copy, it is like a living thing and he more careful you are the longer they stay in shape.

You place it on your turntable, set it to spinning, adjust the tone arm to automatic or carefully place the needle manually on the disc and hear that wonderful needle to record sound that begins to whisper into the air.

Then either chill out or go about your business and enjoy the change to your environment, feel your tensions ease, allow yourself to be taken back to a different time and space.

That's what records do to me. I've had most of them survive terrible times and conditions and they bring me the same happiness and contentment and joy they have for years. They are a part of who i am.

It's why I treat them so well. They're part of my history. And they've paid me back many times over.



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Jan. 18th, 2013 04:34 am (UTC)
I love that sound - the first few seconds when the record hasn't started - and the little pops of dust in the grooves when the record plays.

I have not had a working turntable for nearly 20 years.

We still have some vinyl. Not much - but some.

Some of my best childhood memories were with our old suitcase record player.
Jan. 18th, 2013 04:58 am (UTC)
My mom and dad had one of those RCA consoles and used to play big band, Ink Spots, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, etc.

One of the first "big ticket" items I bought when I had money was a stereo. It was soon stolen. I had 2 or 3 sets of stereo equipment plus a reel-to-reel that were stolen (or vandelized) by intruders.

I bought the Rotel RX-602 after that first theft with the BIC Formula II and later assorted speakers and equipment - as well as saved some from the trash heap like an old Pioneer 301 I still have and is still serviceable.

It's because I've been burglarized so many times in years past that I never invested in new 9and expensive) stuff again.
Jan. 18th, 2013 01:25 pm (UTC)
Not sure why, but I have lived in several places that were prone to break ins... yet I was never broken into. My sister was once; but I guess I was just lucky - or always looked scruffy enough that folk left me alone.

Even when I lived next door to what eventually turned out to be a ring of car thieves running a chop shop and burglary operation. They were always pretty cool to us and invited us over to parties. We had no idea... ok only a very little idea. I was curious about why they always had so many cars. They told me they were working on them for friends. They were so open about it I guess I believed them - no one would leave three or four hot cars sitting in plain sight of the street in a driveway to their house.

Sorry about the losses - kinda of annoying.
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