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See what happens when you put liberals in charge ... and you have a liberal media to run cover?

Yep, Chuck Hagel, Obama's outrageous choice for SECRETARY OF DEFENSE, not only is in favor of disarming, has made disparaging comments about gays, Jews (and Israel), and bordered on incoherency at his confirmation hearings, he also reportedly took many from various FOREIGN groups including one called Friends of Hamas.

But he doesn't want to talk about it or provide documentation to the Senate.

And the media are protecting him and attacking Republicans for their questioning him - for being too parisan.

As a matter of fact, Saturday night Live actually found humor in the confirmation hearings - mocking Republicans for being obsessed with Israel.

This is truly 1984 on steroids.

Obama is deconstructing the military as the world, especially the Middle East, is in shambles.

Not satisfied with installing a tax cheat for Secretary of the Treasurey (and head of the IRS) the first time, he is now naming another fat cat with (Oh, the horror!) money stashed away in the Cayman Islands!

Chuck Hagel, Jack Lew, and jihadi apologist John Brennan head the latest list of incompetetant yes men Obama has chosen to surround himself with to continue his "transformation of America" into his utopian nightmare - complete with a politically correct military of declining standards and a collapsing private sector burdened with heavy taxation and regulations.

Meanwhile, after we learned nothing from Hillary Clinton's swan song and dance on Benghazi, outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta confirmed what we've known for months - when Americans were fighting fore their lives in Benghazi and begging for assistance Hillary and Obama did NOTHING.

In fact, after a few minutes in which the attack was discussed at a pre-planned meeting, Panetta heard ZILCH from either Hillary or Obama who was preparing for a trip to Las Vegas.

And you wonder why they blamed a ridiculous YouTube video for TWO WEEKS and have refused to answer questions about what they did?

So now we have a media following the administration narrative and pumping up stories about gun control, illegal immigration, contraceptives, and global warming while the REAL issues are ignored or spun.

And to think I have friends who prefer to remain clueless and dwell on ridiculous attacks and blame game strategies on conservatives and Republicans. But "divide and conquer" and misinformation have always been parts their main tactics - especially when it involves the uninformed and disinterested who are mostly concerned about "getting their stuff" from the government.

The Transformation of America ... isn't it grand?

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