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monsters walking among us


You can read about it in this article below but read warning beneath link first:


Do you like grisly? No?

WARNING! Read it at your peril. It is cruel, bloody, disgusting and heartbreaking stuff.

Watch the exchanges between Planned Parenthood official Alisa LaPolt Snow and Florida State Representatives Daniel Davis, Jim Boyd and Jose Oliva and especially at the 39 minute mark:


I posted several times 4-5 years ago about Barack Obama and his solitary blocking of Chicago's "Born Alive" Act which would follow the standards of a similar federal act approved unanimously in the U.S. Senate. Even the most ardent abortion rights advocates voted for it.

There was absolutely no interest in pursuing Obama's position and record in the national media (big surprise)except to dismiss it and briefly parrot his talking points on the subject.

Two years ago we learned about the Butcher of Philadelphia, Dr. Kermit Gosnel who has been performing late-term abortions and is accused of the murder of several babies born alive in a most gruesome manner and in conditions that seem to be out of some low budget slasher movie.


For THIRTY YEARS this went on and NO ONE knew anything about it. The state of Pennsylvania had not inspected this house of horrors for SEVENTEEN YEARS despite numerous complaints.

Now, as the Florida legislature considers legislation to protect the innocent born by requiring doctors to administer medical assistance to babies born alive from botched abortions the mask comes off those to whom abortion is virtually a sacrament if not a religion.

If you would listen to Planned Parenthood's testimony (AND OF COURSE YOU WON'T) you would be stunned ... or maybe not.

I believe, worldwide, there have been close to 60 million innocent human lives snuffed out - and the most dispicible cases are the ones people like Dr. Gosnel so casually joke about before plunging a scalpel into the back of their necks and snipping their spinal cords - you know, jokes like One baby was so large, it "could walk me to the bus stop”.

Honestly, when I see Barack Obama and the Democrats exploiting the parents of dead children, when I see them tugging at your heartstrings to support their left-wing policies "for the children", when I see them borrowing TRILLIONS of dollars to push their agenda and pay off their constituents - all that debt being put on the backs of children here and unborn, stories like these make me want to puke.

Remember the documentaries that showed the German people after WW II being brought to the concentration camps and claiming they didn't know what was happening.

They knew ... and so do people in America today - no matter how much they pretend they don't ... no matter how they and the media try to shut their eyes and stop up their ears.

Oh, they'll barely touch these stories in the mainstream media or do as some have done and spin them in one way or another (one reporter referred to the genteel and "elegant" appearance of the smiling Dr. Gosnell in the courtroom) so as to deflect from the horror that is and not stir up too much trouble for "the cause".

How will God and history judge this generation is anyone's guess.


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