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now don't jump to conclusions!


The Christmas Undie bomber

The Times Square Bomber

The Fort Hood Massacre

And now the Boston Marathon bombings

Now when have President Obama, the liberal media and left-wingers in gereral actually jumped to conclusions?

The Cambridge Police ("are acted stupidly") case

The Trayvon Martin case

The Gabby Giffords (and others) shooting

The Aurora Colorado shootings

The Austin, Texas IRS suicide pilot (Joe Stack)

The Christopher (I love MSNBC) Dorner serial killings

See the pattern? When it seems obvious to anyone with two licks of sense who and what is behind some atrocity or attempted atrocity the left bends themselves into pretzels to avoid identifying the culprits. Or, as in the case with the Dorner case, HIDE the contents of his "manifesto" that mark him as a left-wing nut.

The other side of the coin is the knee-jerk reaction of the left to blame conservatives for things they have absolutely nothing to do with. No matter how much evidence to the contrary. No matter how obvious it is to everyone else what the truth is when it eventually comes out - like the Unabomber, the beltway sniper, and even Timothy McVeigh who was actually a pot-smoking, atheistic, psychopath even those "extremist militia" types didn't want any part of.

Please ... please they cry - don't let it be another Muslim terrorist. Please let it be a Tea Party guy! Don't let it be one of us or someone we like ... again.

And if it is, then ignore the reality and create a different narrative like the Ft. Hood massacre being a case of "WORKPLACE VIOLENCE". It's an insult to our intelligence and, frankly, aren't you getting a little tired getting lectured to by this president who rants and raves and calls people liars (HA!) when he can't get his way but becomes always robotic when he has to read speeches about the goodness and greatness of the American people. When Obama commented on the Boston Marathon bombings and mouthed the word, "truth, justice, and the American way" I thought he was mocking us.

But it doesn't matter, does it?

They NEVER learn because they are not interested with FACTS but with advancing a specific narrative to achieve their agendas.

When you live in the REAL WORLD and watch and listen to the absolute nonsense that comes out of the mouths of liberals, some politicians, and the majority of the mainstream media, it makes you want to throw your shoes at the TV screen.

We actually live in a world now where the people who are supposed to INFORM us are instead involved in a conscience effort to distract us, to INFLUENCE us and direct us to think in specific ways.

People have learned NOTHING in the years since 9/11. And especially our leaders. To think they can pretend that reality is not reality, that they can see evidence right in front of their eyes and dismiss it is chilling.

Again and again we find out that the people who do these dispicible acts gave all the indications you'd need to red flag them somehow, as with Nidal Hassan for instance, and as we are already discovering with the Tsarnaev brothers, and they did (probably under the influence of political correctness) nothing.

As I watched the coverage of, as they were described, first the "suspects" (although Janet Napolitano swore they weren't "technically" suspects), then the "gentlemen, young men, kids, boys," - anything but terrorists and killers, I was sickened as earnest anchors wondered aloud at how such "nice boys" could have been so "radicalized"? At interviews with dreamy classmates who described the younger terrorist as "one of the cool crowd".

When you ask teachers and students and friends from liberal institutions for their impressions, especially silly young women who thought they were cute, this, I suppose, is what you get. You know the fan clubs are already starting and, I'm sure, some Che-style t-shirts are soon to come.

Instead, maybe they should ask the people whose arms and legs were ripped off by these poor confused lads what they might think about that. Maybe they could do PSA to advise people not to "jump to conclusions".

Look, when you literally strike the words "Islamic extremism" and "jihad" from the anti-terrorism lexicon and look at things in the way you WANT to see them you are creating a recipe for disaster.

So cocky the left was a few days ago as they AGAIN salivated at the idea that the Boston bombers might be of conservative backgrounds - and now AGAIN they have been shown to be wrong.

The very guy who wrote the Salon OP-ED about hoping the terrorist were white Americans, David Sirota, is now writing about how conservatives were hoping they were Muslims so they can spew their hatred and bigotry.

Talk about your classic case of projection!

If psychologists look back at the ramblings and behavior of the left during these tumultuous years, they will write textbooks on the irrational and delusional behavior of these sick puppies.

But don't jump to conclusions ... that's just my own little opinion.

My own little observations as I look into the soul of a particular side of America - where I see ...darkness.

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