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will the rats start jumping ship?


Are you watching the hearings? Yeah I know ...

It's worse than Watergate despite Democrats and their media sycophants doing all they can to minimize it and build a wall to protect Obama and his administration.

Targeting people for their beliefs with harassment, intimidation, threats, invasion of their privacy, and financial ruin.


Leaking personal information to left-wing organizations to be used to attack them during the 2012 campaign.

And who authorized all this - put these tactics into action?

Don't know.

Don't remember.

Didn't know ... uh, well ... yes they knew but they didn't tell the president.

FLASH: The IRS commissioner JUST admitted targeting conservatives WAS partisan ... amazing since these people have contradicted their statements again and again before and after the hearings and perjury alone is a looming possibility for these political hacks and sycophants.

Awww ... suddenly, after repeated pressing by Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey who asked WHO established the ideological criteria for the IRS targeting of conservatives, Miller suddenly says that he can give the name, but doesn't know it off top of head."

Cornered rats. I'm guessing the liberal media will largely ignore all this. After all, the spectacle of THE FEDERAL government targeting and pereecuting its own citizens because of what they think ... "what difference does it make?" Right?

After all, people like NBC's David Gregory are actually attacking Republicans for over-reacting in their pursuit of the truth and warning them about trying to link the Obama administration to the scandal.

Memo to Gregory: the "emperor" doesn't have to give a specific order - he sets the tone and lets his feelings be known in "subtle" and "nuanced" ways.

You know, like publishing or calling out the names of Republican donars and conservative groups and then jetting off to Hawaii as the IRS targets them and the media and political operatives smear and harrass them.

THIS is why you need special prosecutors to go after these people for abuses of power like in the cases of the IRS scandal, the AP scandal, the Benghazi scandal.

But Obama knew nothing ... even though people like me knew all last year and, frankly, knew things like this had been happening and litigated since the late 1990's under Clinton.

Hey ... Obama has demonized his opponents (groups and individuals) for years and Democrats have demanded the IRS "investigate" conservative groups as well and NOW they are outraged at partisan attacks on citizens and are going to "fix" the problem

Now the IRS just wants to apologize, throw a few people under the bus and "fix" the problem the problem ... they're upset their reputation has been "besmirched".

They think the American people are fools - and treat them accordingly.

Ruling elites ... and we are, after all, only subjects now in this post-Constitutional America.

Ignore at your peril.


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May. 21st, 2013 05:12 pm (UTC)
Didn't know ... uh, well ... yes they knew but they didn't tell the president ...

The notion that the IRS would have dared to do such a thing on their own initiative without at least having good reason to assume that they were being ordered to do so by the President is utterly absurd. And Obama's reaction gives the lie to his claims. If he were really innocent in this matter, Obama would be furious at the IRS, both for violating the US Constitution and for threatening Obama's own career. He would be leading the charge for prosecutions leading to prison time for the perpetrators. If you carefully follow what Obama says, you may notice that while he's claiming to be outraged, he's not taking any concrete steps to launch an investigation with the aim of punishing the perpetrators.

The reason, of course, is that if the IRS officials knew they were facing prison time, they would have very little incentive not to start singing like canaries, and we all know who would be the principal subject of their songs.
May. 21st, 2013 05:33 pm (UTC)
Obama's "reaction" is the same one he gives when other scandals happen that threaten to damage his administration.

1) We're going to find out what happened.

2) We're going to hold those responsible accountable.

3) We're going to make sure this never happens again.


Like I've said before, this has happened almost since the IRS was first created although different administrations have used it to attack and intimidate its opponents more than others.

It's not the agency - it's the left and their genetic authoritarian/totalitarian/statist mentality.

This is what happens when we allow the government to grow to the extent it controls each and every aspect of our lives and abandon the separation-of-powers, checks-and-balances, limited government philosophy and guarantees embedded in the Constitution.

We now have a ruling class where legislation and enforcement of laws is largely practiced by an unelected bureaucracy and mainly at the behest of the executive branch and the Democrat Party which, for all intents and purposes, now IS the government.
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