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they claim they never 'lie"


Obama's intellifence chief, NSA Director James Clapper, has basically been hinting for days that he gave "the least truthful answer" he could when testifying before Congress on domestic surveillance in March.


I've mentioned before my contempt for people who lie - developed in so small part by my parents and especially my mom who raised us believing that a lie is about the worse thing someone could do. Apparently she was well-versed in the destruction and the turmoil lying (and no I am NOT talking about the little deflections liberals like to resort to like "If a killer asked you where your brother was would you "lie") you know what I mean.

But this is getting monotonous - this lying to us by lying liars who refuse to take responsibility for what they've done- as we see a parade of Obama minions from as high up as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder to other high-ranking officials in powerful deparments like the IRS, EPA, Interior Department and other agencies.

When they lie to Congress they are lying to us and it is literally a crime - and yet there are rarely any consequences.

Funny, isn't it?

We the people are supposed to be protected by the Constitution WE authorized and yet our rights are ignored, our very words and actions an open book to prying government eyes and should WE ever say something that is not true to the government, like the IRS for example, we can be prosecuted for a crime.

The government, on the other hand, which serves US has secret e-mail accounts to hide what should be public record and when it comes to answering OUR questions they reserve the right to be silent.

Cannot anyone out there see that everything in this country is now upside-down.

The law-abiding tax-paying freedom-loving citizens who adhere to their faith, moral principles, the Constitution and the rule of law are the ones being harassed while the politicians and bureaucrats live like royalty and pander to the worse instincts of people in order to maintain and expand their positions of power.

And the "least truthful answer" is what we get when we say, "Whoa! What's up, bub?"

By the way, TODAY when Clapper was asked if the government collects our Google and e-mail contacts he didn't "lie" - he just didn't answer. I think you can conect-the dots - right?

And just wait until the left (now the Democrat Party) manages to install one-party rule ... because you see, we're all just subjects now and it won't be long before we have another generation or two conditioned to think that is normal.

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