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obama: red line? don't look at me!


Even when you replay his words in context he denies saying them ... or admitting what they so obviously mean.

Even when you try to pin down his spokespersons about the intentions and impact of his missions, the objective he is seeking to accomplish (in the bombing of Syria) they have to admit they have no answer.

Even when the Secretary of State is asked to put in writing his promise not to put "boots on the ground" he says to just trust him.

And all this in context of an attack "plan" that has been advertised and published so that "the enemy" is tipped of as to what you will be doing and when!

We have a president who has no hesitation about ignoing the Constitution, the rule of law, the courts, the separation of powers, and the Congress when it means advancing his agenda now claiming that Congress should endorse this confused/incoherent Syrian military action ... but that he doesn't really need it (despite what he said before he was president about engaging in military actions) and will do what he wants anyway - and that that Congress is responsible for the "red line" he claims the Syrian leadership crossed and it is Congress' credibility that is on the line.

Over 100,000 people killed in the Syrian civil war, Coptic Christians being brutalized in Egypt, Libya in chaos, Islamic extremism spreading all across the middle East and northern Africa, continued genocide in Sudan, bloodbaths all across the globe hardly ever reported in the media, not to mention the onslaught of ObamaCare on our doorstep here, massive debt and deficit spending, unemployment, another continuing resolution battle looming, but now our constant focus is directed on the insistance of this president that we launch a 100 or so Tomahawk missiles (after weeks of signaling our plans) into another country.

Of course, while all those civilians were dying in 2012 Syria, while 4 Americans were being murdered in a terrorist attack on 9/11 in Benghazi, while one crisis after another was inflicting pain here and abroad, all that was barely mentioned in the media because it was an election year and the approved narrative was on free contraceptives and imaginary Republican "wars on women"

No matter what happens - don't you dare blame Obama for what happens (unless something good comes out of it). He's just a victim of "red lines" drawn by other people.

In truth, he is a man that thrives on the chaos he creates around him. He puts his foot in his mouth and then blames the shoemaker. Then he reverts back to his ideological leanings and political blueprint. He has a "vision" of the way things ought to be, the reason things are not "right", and simply acts according to what has been branded into his DNA.

Even if it means supporting extremists groups associated with the terrrorists responsible for the 9/11 attacks - not to mention doing a 180 degree turn against all the arguments they made about military action during the Bush prsidency. After all, we HAVE to do something (as so many Democrats/liberals have claimed) since we can't embarrass the president!

Ah, of course. It's always about Obama, isn't it? The distraction from real issues that concern us all. And the odious smell of politics.



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Sep. 5th, 2013 01:49 am (UTC)
how racist.

It has to be racism on your part. If you had sound reasons to oppose him, they might have to realize that voting for a man on the color of his skin rather than the content of his character is not only evil and dumb, but racist as well. Better you than them!
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