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After 100 years of trying they've got their foot in the door to socialized medicine.

They've got the nationalizaion of banking, the auto industry, student loans.

They're well on their way to destroying the coal and fossil fuel energy sectors.

They're redistributing wealth at unheard of levels.

American influence across the globe is being diminished and groups who hate us are gaining more and more power.

People who oppose liberal policies are being targeted, smeared, singled out, persecuted, and harassed by agents of the federal govenment and their enabling media.

The private sector and free markets are being torn assunder.

More and more people are being put on the dole as fewer and fewer people are having to bust their rears to subsidize everyone else - and they are being mocked for doing so.

Companies are being forced to reduce hours and benefits or letting people go because they can't afford to operate at previous levels due to government regulations, taxes and - yes - ObamaCare.

They are happily standing in line for their share of the "freebies" - unemployment insurance, healthcare, birth control, disability pay, food stamps, cell phones, housing, and assorted government subsidies and it's all so much fun ... fun ... fun!


They are miserable. They are angry. The are filled with vitriol.

Against Ted Cruz. Against Mike Lee. Against people like little old ME!

From my best friends on up the the president and his adoring media they mock us.

They call us:

Hostage takers
Woman haters
The Taliban

No epithet is out of bounds. They say things behind our backs they don't even say to real terrorists.

Like Ted Cruz. The man was on the floor for over 21 hours and people like Harry Reid and John McCain had an opportunity to say anything they wanted to his face.

But they waited instead and said their nastyness after he'd left the floor, to the media and their cameras. They are cowards - and contemptuous of the people he represented, the people they are supposed to serve.

You see, they were saying all those things to the American people - at least those who are not of their left-wing persuasion ... or who feed at their trough. Their chickens will come home to roost too.

Yes - they are so angry.

As are the people who were promised so much - who are slowly awakening to find out it's all a great big trainwreck. The Labor unions. The SEIU. The Teamsters. AFL-CIO. College students. Women. Small business owners. Blacks. Hispanics. Anyone not included in Obama's protected exempted special-treatment group of cronies in government and big business. But the people who were hosed? They want a recount! They want to be exempted from the very policies they pushed for.

They didn't listen to us. None of you did.

And so the media keep singing the song:

Happy days are here again.
The deficit is shrinking.
The debt is going down.
HealthCare costs are getting lower.
The economy is steaming ahead.
Employment is increasing.

Sure, there are a few glitches, they admit, but most of the problems are the fault of people like me. I mean - aren't you getting a little tired of these Alinsky tactics?

What a disaster! No wonder liberals are so angry - watching their little house of cards collapse.

No wonder they despise people like me who have the gall to describe what's going on these days. The things the news media try so hard to censor and spin.

Sad and angry little liberals. And the countdown continues.

Four more days.

It's coming.

Hope you like your change.

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