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I mean, what did you expect?

A massive takeover of one of the most complex and delicately-balanced segments of the American economy by a cadre of redical left-wing ideologues, most of whom have never accomplished anything in the private sector in their entire lives.

Everything they promised has been, as predicted, proven to be LIES.

It is a trainwreck of historical proportions that, unchecked, will compromise our healthcare and threaten to bankrupt this country ... not that these utopian masterminds need any help in their feverish attempts to dismantle capitalism and free markets and fundamentally transform America.

Six hundred-and-thirty-four million dollars and they can't even create a working website in three years!

Even liberals are starting to realize that the very people they have been mocking since Obama was "coronated" have been right all along. A liberal favorite, Jon Stewart, finally discovered a couple of weeks ago about waivers - something we have known about for YEARS! He was angry, poor baby!

This week he let loose about the ObamaCare rollout - and it was "funny", and again he was so angry, poor baby!

Shut up, Jon! You're a day late and a shrinking dollar short, pal.

So now everything Sen. Ted Cruz (and others) have been saying is being validated and their stand vindicated. It's funny how the very people who speak the truth these days are so demonized, attacked and smeared. Even by people on their (supposedly) own side - you know, the old guard of the status quo and the backroom deals?

The consultants keep telling him that's not the way Washington works and the GOP opponents keep begging him to shut up - that he's hurting the Republicans. Yeah, the Democrats actually want to destroy the GOP and they are pleading for Cruz to shut up because he's hurting the Republican brand. *lol*

Liberals will ALWAYS show who they fear - they're the ones they try to smear, try to demonize, try to destroy - which is why so many gutless GOP establishment types are so quick to surrender and give them what they want.

Obama and Harry Reid REFUSED to even negotiate a delay of the Obamacare mandate and shut down the government knowing the media would blame Sen. Cruz and the hapless surrender caucus of the GOP. After all - it's Congress' JOB to authorize and appropriate money but the Democrats refused to even vote on the GOP bills to fund the govrnment. It was a "clean" bill (give us EVERYTHING we want PLUS some pork) or nothing.

Now, Democrats are "warming" to a delay in the mandate - exactly what the GOP was asking for. Why? because they fear an angry electorate in 2014 and want to distance themselves (once again) from Obama and his signature disaster ObamaCare.

Looking back on the worst presidency in history, historians will marvel how 1) Obama was able to lie day-after-day with a straight face and no one challenged him and 2) Obama, well into his second term, was still pretending he was some outsider who just arrived on the scene and had to clean up somebody else's mess.

Just as we knew he would before he was actually elected.

Well - thank God it's finally here and I can now laugh at the people who have been mocking me - here and on social media. After a barrage of angry smears and jeers and nasty name-calling they are suddenly nowhere to be found.

Unfortunately, the damage may now be irreversible, but there is some small consolation in that the people who championed and helped effect this travesty may be the ones who suffer first and most.

At least I hope so.

Yeah, call me vindictive for watching our country being destroyed and wishing the malcontents get theirs first.



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