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According to the dictates of this president - including the dismantling of the military and U.S. influence in the world - because he sees America as a problem.

This man has learned nothing from history and nothing from nearly 6 years in office - he CANNOT learn because he is a radical ideologue and the pain and destruction he is responsible for mean nothing to him. He is focused on the endgame and unconcerned about what it takes to get there.

Reporters scratched their heads and wondered aloud why the commander-in-chief, the "leader of the free world" gave such a weird, philosophical and, yes, detatched speech that was met with an uneasy icy politeness. What a bizzarre speech - so unlike any ever given by a president before.

Many of these people, and the Republican establishment, still do not understand who and what he is - even though he tells you straight to your face. They still don't get it!

Russia, China, radical Islamic extremists, a soon-to-be nuclear Iran are all on the move and the president signals to them that we are a country that has been the source of so much that is bad in the world and that we don't have the moral authority to stand up to them.

It was a chilling speech and I'd recommend you read the transcript but those who actually need to haven't a clue of what is going on in the world and could care less.

America is being "transformed" exactly like Obama said it would - brick-by-brick. It is disintegrating from within and the RINO GOP establishment won't do a thing to stand up to the demolition - and those who DO tell the truth are mocked and smeared. Why? Because the new "progressive" Republican establishment loves big government and just thinks they can run it better.

They don't get it! They think Obama and his administration are simply inept (they are) and that is why things are so bad. They don't understand the leftist mentality which demands chaos and upheaval so as to destroy what IS and to gradually replace it with what these utopian masterminds THINK should be - with misery for all except for them who will be in positions of power. Obama is not really concerned about scandals and unemployment and deficits.

What does Obama want? MORE centralized control of you and me. More power. Bigger government. Less freedom. The Constitution and the republican form of government embodied in it are just a nuisance to be re-interpreted by radical courts or simply ignored. A combination of Marxism, Socialism, Fascism and Communism that are now being openly advocated for in the public arena or, in the case of the more clever politicians, couched and softened with words and phrases like equality and shared responsibility and collectivism and "fairness" - for US of course, not them for THEY are the masterminds and only THEY are smart enough and wise enough to know what we need and how we should behave and what to say and think.

They - who cannot even run the VA hospital system without waste, corruption, fraud, kickbacks and lousy medical service for the most deserving among us.

They're TELLING you what they think every day now - unafraid of the consequences. On the contrary, those who uphold out traditions, or faith, our beliefs, our morality, our history, our laws, and the force of our Founding Documents are mocked and vilified.

If they had their way, they would criminalize our thoughts and to a great extent they are doing that a little at a time each and every day.

The "fundamental transformation of America" - he told you what was coming. We are already in a post-Constitutional phase with our Republic, based on separation of powers, checks and balances, enumerated federal powers, representative government, and rule of law hanging by a thread.

What future generations, should they be allowed to understanding what happened between 2009 and 2016, will think about us is open to debate. They will certainly shake their heads and wonder if we were mesmerized, stupid, radical, or just plain disinterested that such a disaster could happen.


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