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You know - Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Al Baghdadi, whose last words before boarding the plane after Obama granted him his freedom - "See you in New York."

The body count is skyrocketing in Africa, and the Middle East, many decapitated and tortured by Islamic extremists. In Afghanistan, Taliban extremists are cutting off the fingers of people who dared to vote in free elections - and worse - all as a direct result of this president's feckless foreign policy. In Iraq - ISIS, terrorists from Syria and Iraq and elsewhere and believers in an Islamic Caliphate, a world-wide Islamic state that liberals have called conservatives "loonies" for warning about, are on the move reportedly buthering and executing people by the thousands.

ISIS thinks al Qaeda is too soft.

Have you seen the images? Men and boys being shot dead in ditches after being humiliated and herded down streets and roads knowing what their fate was soon to be.


Christians are specifcally targeted and are on the run in various locations while 3 Israeli children have been kidnapped by Hamas as Palestinians cheer while in Nigeria Christian schoolgirls have been kidnapped by a militant Islamic group Boko Haram which Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama refused to identify as terrorists and have kidnapped and murdered who knows how many more innocent people.

The list of atrocities is too long to list in a short post but what is Obama doing about all this:

He's been golfing, attending fundraisers, giving speeches on the phony global warming scam, and today HONORING illegal aliens in the White House. Oh, he's finally going to reverse his promise not to send "boots on the ground" and apparently has again been pulled kicking-and-screaming to get involved and send in a couple hundred troops after dithering and sending messages of weakness and non-involvement to our enemies more and more in recent weeks and months.

And the world has never been more dangerous - including America.

Meanwhile, in America, illegals are pouring across our borders and Democrats are salivating at the prospect of millions of new Democrat voters to eventually guarantee they have power forever and are free to completely remake America into a left-wing nightmare.

Hve you noticed? Every day is some new horror as we who actually follow the REAL NEWS (the media won't tell you the truth) cringe at how far America has descended into chaos. It's gotten so bad even some liberals and "independents" have actually acknowledged what is happening - using words and phrases like "imperial presidency", post-constitutional, tyranny, Alinskites, authoritarianism, Marxist, Fascst, system overload (Cloward and Piven), lawlessness - the very words we have used for over 6 years while being smeared, mocked and called "fear-mongers".

Of course the liberal media are doing their best to protect the administration.

The IRS claims that all those emails they promised last year, emails from Lois Lerner regarding the illegal targeting of conservatives, pro-Israel groups and especially Tea Party non profits have been "lost" - and ABC, CBS and NBC say NOTHING on the evening news.

The VA scandal that just erupted is almost old news now as most of the media have lost interest. That's the Cloward and Piven strategy - overload the system so that no one knows which way to turn and more and more people eventually demand the government do something (to "fix" the problem it has created) with MORE governmnt and less freedom.

The left is so insidious.

Illegal "children" are being held in camps and/or are being relocated in various cities all across America but Obama has ordered "NO PICTURES". Why? because these are NOT all children and he doesn't want you to see the truth - much like he doesn't allow cameras to record what he's doing on the golf course and on the fundraising trail.

He KNOWS the images will disturb you.

What you don't know can and will bite you.

See you in New York.


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