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Reflections of another sunset


Yes, it was another hot one today. I stayed inside mostly, trying to create a little more order in my house, which means going through more piles and boxes and deciding what to throw away and where to store things I want to keep. The good thing about August is that you usually know the worst is behind you, although last year, Katrina aside, the heat carried on well into October. I was without electricity for weeks and very well remember.

When I'm digging out stuff, I'm always finding little things that I have to stop and look at, like notes with ideas I wrote to myself, recipes, little souvenirs of things that mean something to me. I found my now moldy copy (from Katrina's rain) of the Beatles' White Album although the 4 photos of the Beatles inside were in good condition. I'll have to put up a pic for Xeenie.

I also found a piece of paper dated January 2, 2003 which said, Rachel suggested I grow a pineapple tree in my yard. *LOL* That was a sarcastic little comment from my friend Rhonda's then 11-year-old daughter. I was "watching" her and her brother and my nephew for a couple of hours or so, had made them some treats, and began joking around about all the great dishes I made using pineapple as an ingredient.

"You ought to grow a 'pineapple tree' in your front yard, Mr. Ed!" she said.

Well, I thought it was funny - a "pineapple tree" - even if she was trying to be a smarty pants (You know how kids are today).

Anyway, it got me reflecting again on a lot of things I won't bore you with, and I decided to make some tuna salad for dinner (I like tuna salad sandwiches on kaiser rolls with lettuce and tomato) and went to get some stuff I needed at the store. I thought it might be fun to go sit up on my roof again (even though I didn't have to go up there I kind of miss it now and then) so I got some beer to have a cold one and watch the sun go down.

It was a pretty sunset, and there was a time I used to actually call people when I saw a nice sunset or a comet, or a very bright planet but, unfortunately, over the years, people don't seem to get as enthused about things like that as they once did. Maybe they're watching TV, have something to do, have a headache, or just think I'm goofy but, whatever it is, I understand now and I just don't do that anymore.

Myself, I never get tired of things like that, and I've become more and more aware over the years that there's no guarantee we'll see another, or be able to share them with someone we care about. It really doesn't bother me very much any more. I just continue to go about my business. But, I just thought this one time, I'd tell you about it, and, if you'd like, you can take a look too:



Sorry I couldn't offer you a beer, but I hope you found it as peaceful as I did. I didn't feel quite so sad looking at it.

Thanks for the memory
Of rainy afternoons
Swinging Harlem tunes
Motor trips and burning lips
And burning toast and prunes,
How lovely it was!

Oh, that movie (The Big Broadcast of 1938) introduced Bob Hope's signature song, Thanks For The Memory. I know pretty much all the original lyrics, though they've been changed numerous times. Most people can only sing, "Thanks for the memory ... da da da da da da ..." **LOL** It won an Oscar, too, btw..


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