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bubble, bubble, toil and trouble

Things keep churning and bubbling and you’d think things would eventually boil over because it’s been on the fire so long but apparently the pot is a deep one. A few bits and bites from the news:

A Seattle school has banned certain activities involving Legos in an attempt to instill their specific socio/political views onto the students. Apparently, some of the students were building bigger and nicer homes in their Legotown and the school administration took the opportunity to correct what they thought was inappropriate viewpoints:

The children were allegedly incorporating into Legotown "their assumptions about ownership and the social power it conveys." These assumptions "mirrored those of a class-based, capitalist society -- a society that we teachers believe to be unjust and oppressive."


I should say this is a private school and perhaps the parents of these children agree with the principles being shoved into their little brains. I would think parents who send their children to private schools do not seem likely candidates for communal living nor critics of capitalism.

The media keep pushing this Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez story and Democrats are frothing at the mouth again in their zeal to bring down another Republican in the Bush Administration. Of course, the question shouldn’t be why these eight federal attorneys were fired, but why weren’t they fired 6 years ago. Bill Clinton fired 93 of them when he first took office, some engaged in investigations that involved Clinton and his cronies. There was barely a whimper. Federal Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President who sets the agenda. If they were not vigorously pursuing investigations that were directed by the Attorney General and the President, then they should move on. Oh, and it will be a while before anyone will NOT choose to take the 5th Amendment when Democrat Inquisitors are running amok as they are. Who wants to be sent to federal prison for some lapse of memory or discrepancy in their testimony as Scooter Libby was … especially when no crime has been committed? No more perjury traps for these guys. Fool me once, shame on you ... fool me twice ... and so forth.


Speaking of Democrats calling for Attorney General Gonzalez’s resignation, California Sen. Dianne Feinstein just resigned from the Chairmanship of the Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee. I don’t know if the main-line media will want to touch this one so It’s up to people like me to bring it to your attention. It seems like Dianne’s husband, Richard C. Blum, was an owner of two major defense contractors, who were awarded billions of dollars for military construction projects approved by Feinstein.



What! An anti-war liberal Senator from California is married to a man making billions in defense contracts she has a hand in awarding! Are you surprised at the possibility? Can this report be true? Should there be an investigation. Or are you more concerned with eight federal attorneys who weren't doing their job?

Curiously, this information comes from a local California publication that concentrates on entertainment and the arts. I’m e-mailing my representatives on this one. Wonder if the main-line media will get wind of this? I’ll bet the minority party doesn’t bring this up either. It might open up a new cans of worms. And still the people go on blind to it all because dirty people keep dirty secrets and who cares anyway?

I still haven't seen anything on television about that mountain of pork Dianne Feinstein shoveled to get that one vote needed to pass the Iraq War funding bill. The Congress will probably try to delay sending this to the White House as long as possible, especially with Easter holidays coming up. I'm thinking they'll scoot out of time just before the deadline for new funding leaving our brave soldiers high and dry. Pathetic.

Oh, Democrat Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas had suggested that we create a timetable for withdrawal (surrender) in Iraq but to keep it a secret between the Congress, the White House, and the Iraqi government. Are you laughing yet?

FINAL THOUGHT - Where are Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher when we need them?


Nobody is standing on upon the door
And nobody is feeding any of the poor
The poor sick soldier lies in bed beside his girl
Thinking of another place on the other side of the world

How the ladies pay
Oh-oh, oh, how the ladies pay
When the men they’ve gone away
Oh, I wish I knew how the ladies pay



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