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Gray Matter

it's all in your head

24 April
Here sits a real-live Cajun man, born on the bayous of Louisiana, a life-long resident of the New Orleans area. I love words... the sound, the rhythm, the way they look, the various ways they express what we sense and what we feel. Sometimes I read them. Sometimes I hear them. Often they simply come into my head. I am forever being bombarded with sensory information, ideas popping into my consciousness at a thought someone planted in my brain, a look, a smile, a scent, a laugh. I am constantly reaching for a pencil to record these little impressions and the associations they bring. Writing is my passion and my curse, as it is an often thankless, grinding pursuit. Knowing someone "gets it," is moved, amused, is one with my mind, understands a little of where I'm going and where I've been, feels better about life, all help to make it all worthwhile. Though looks, styles, and fashions wilt beneath the sky, the beauty of words will never die.